Thursday, June 29

No solid answers from the Liars...

To the young man that sent me the link,
I responded with:
"did you actually ever, for a moment,
think 9-11 was perpetrated by a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists ?"

This is an eye opener!

I said
(less than 10 minutes after watching the first news video loop a few times) ...

"oh my God they actually did it! I believe they had the balls, I just can't believe they are so selfish as to blame a nation and kill civilians all for the benefit of maybe a few score of American Businessmen"

Wednesday, June 21

The utter destruction of the "Republic" !

The fed, sues a state ?

The U.S. government has sued the New Jersey Attorney General's office on grounds of security concerns to prevent it from asking telephone companies if they gave customer call records to the National Security Agency.

The Department of Justice wants to stop the disclosure of confidential and sensitive information, according to the lawsuit filed in Trenton, NJ, on Wednesday, a day before phone companies were due to reply to subpoenas issued by the New Jersey attorney general.

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