Sunday, April 16

Pope calls for end to Iran crisis...

The pope in his call for a peaceful negotiation, should know better.
He is either ignoring facts or is pipe dreaming. He sewems to forget who he is addressing!

Fat chance.
Not as long as the maniacal (commander and chief) President of the United States is in power.
George Bush (in his infinite wisdom, Harrumph)... Is a do'er, not a talker.
What does he do ?
He bombs anything that moves, given a chance !
Why you ask ?
Money, Money, Money,
It's all about money, it's about oil and defence contracts. Just ask Mr. "there's no business like no bidness" Cheney.
Who is Cheney ?
Well he was G'dubyah's dad's "Secretary of Defence"

Why does'nt George Bush talk, nogotiate and act like a civil leader?
Oh but he does. He talks about fundamentalist christian values (as he bombs women and children often using ordinance outlawed by Geneva convention)!
He talks about immediate aid, if needed in the event of a horrific hurricaine (then lags for days) and when it is all said and done he denys saying anything of the sort.
You see George Bush does actually talk. He talks quite a lot. Most of what comes out of his mouth is blatant lies. The rest is just...
"PURE WAR MONGERY" to aide, abet and line the pocketts of Cheney's (Mr. Haliburton) bank account!

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