Tuesday, March 28

It's "irresponsible to question Christian Fundamentalism, and unpatriotic to believe in "freedom of religeon"!

Earlier, the former House majority leader told activists he agreed with their premise that there is a "war on Christianity."

As 'ole G'dubyah says
We are at war,
We are at war,
We are at war!

A war on communism
A war on drugs
A war on terrorim
A war on the American civil rights/liberties!

"Our faith has always been in direct conflict with the values of the world," DeLay said.

Shouldn't that tell you something ?
Next they (the Fundamentalist Christians) will be telling us that Ghandi and the Dalai Lama are...
part of the "axis of evil" !

watch out when you point a finger, there are three pointing back at you!

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