Wednesday, February 15

Excuse me for the profainity !

I can't believe that anyone in America thinks that George Bush (who displays all the earmarks of a hardened fascist leader) is for a moment, doing anything to protect us. He has driven the country into the worst debt ever seen. He continues with his ficticous, unaccountable excuse to act out like a spoiled brat, shelling out (forgive the pun) money left and right to "Dick Haliburton, hawk eye, Cheney", while trying to fix the budget and economy by boosting the military (for a fictitious war that will never end until America is simply a destitute bario of Red China) and slashing at social services.

What a Joke!
Where did this guy learn economics from, "Romper room" ?

Do You really believe that George Bush is protecting you from terrorism?
Could someone please answer me these questions ?
1) How do you figure torturing people in prison camps with no due process of law, brings about theses three things ----->
A)Less angered young Islamic fundamentalists that hate the US Federal Government.
B)Brings out any intel/info that is worth the "powder to blow it to hell" when it is over three years old?
C) Is in any way, an apt display of a "free democratic nation with an eye on human/civil rights" ?

George Bush Disgusts me !
As a total loser businessman!
As a transparent immature liar!

I love the argument that the bush cronies say in support of the "eavesdropping".. it is so lame !
"but Clinton did it, Nixon did it etc.."
Even the "Attorney General" uses this kind of useless empty rhetoric.
My mother used to scold me for taking that line of defense when I was 7-8 years old.
"but mom, Joey did it and Stanley to..."
It never worked, so by 9 years old I had completely abandoned this lame, useless, immature defence of my defiant infractions of the rules and 'reg's"!

But I was 9 years old.
I was not responsible for the running of a world superpower.
We have put a loaded "nickel plated Smith and Wesson 357 magnum" in the hands of a retarded 9 year old brat. He waves at us and excuses himself with, "but joey does it........"

Well Mr. President Bush....
That didn't make it alright for Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin.

Have some Balls Bush.
Hitler and the other fascists of the world's history have displayed balls. They came right out with it. They admitted leadership through terror. They imprisoned those they deemed a threat, tortured untried peoples, and put many to death.

So how are you any different Mr. President ?
You lie (about Your past military involvement, about your past business dealings, El Queda being responsible for 9/11, About Saddam's WMD's. About not knowing Abrahmoff.. etc to ad nauseum)
You have sent to death 100's if not 1000's of people through torture and bombings. People that have never been read any rights because they have none! No due process of law?
What is law you say ?
What is patriotism you say ?

Why bother explaining the words to someone that is just going to totally distort their meanings to simply extort money and power ?

Any way, can Yah tell I am pissed off ? DOH!

Stop terrorism ! Get Bush out of the White House !

"A US state department legal adviser said the government felt it was better for the photos not to be released."
Of course "DOH" would you suppose that a child molester would want pictures of themselves violating a child, on every lamp post in their own town. NO!
of course this idiot says "better for the photos not to be released."

The US has said images broadcast on Australian TV showing the apparent abuse of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers should not have been released.

John Bellinger said this was "not because there was anything to hide" - but rather "because we felt it was an invasion of the privacy of the people in the pictures."
He said the images, which show "conduct that is absolutely disgusting" were likely to "fan the flames around the world and cause more violence".

What a fucking Joke ! "Invasion of privacy", right, give me a break.
You lock a guy up, no rights, no charges, torture him for three years and then worry about his fucking privacy ? The only thing more sick than the fascist crimes perpetrated by the Bush admin is the people that support it with an ignorant smirk and an excuse befitting of a stupid 1/2 retarded 9 year old!

"fan the flames... cause more violence"-->
Who gives a flying hoot. George bush has melted 1000's of innocent women and children in Iraq with illegal use of phosphor bombs. And this isn't generating "terrorists" ?

Have some Balls Bush, quite sniveling like a spoiled 9 year old with "he said, she said's" and get on with your agenda like a man.
Admit it you are a totalitarian fascist pig, doing everything you can, to deny America's good will in the Islamic nations (particularly those with oil).
You scoff at Geneva convention and international law. You scoff at the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
You torture and kill.

I know, I know.... "but joey did it to..."

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