Wednesday, January 25

Tell us again about the enviable economy "King George" ?

While the American stock markets plummet, trade deficits soar,
and the American dictator "King George" asks congress to once agin lift the ceiling on the allowable national debt.......

Does "King george think no one reads international news?

China's economy continues to soar

China's economy maintained its stellar growth last year, official figures have confirmed, expanding 9.9% in 2005.

Growth has now been about 10% for three consecutive years and the economy shows no signs of slowing despite government efforts to restrain it.

Total economic output rose to 18.2 trillion yuan ($2.25 trillion) as soaring exports fuelled the country's growing trade surplus.

Experts said China may now be the world's fourth-largest economy.

China's economy recently overtook Italy, in terms of size, and may also have leapfrogged the United Kingdom and France, analysts said.

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