Sunday, January 8

"the greatest terrorist in the world"

CARACAS, Venezuela - The American singer and activist
Harry Belafonte called
President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world" on Sunday and said ....


US draws up space tourism rules
The FAA also suggests space tourism companies check the global "no-fly" list, from the US Homeland Security Department, to exclude potential terrorists.

You mean the "no fly" list that, that terrible, mean, ugly, nasty, violent man "Cat stevens" is on... the same fly list with gads of 9 mos old babies and 82 yr old men are on ?
So glad that (in my immence fear).. I have GW to (drop buildings.. er I mean) defend me...
Even if it means 'martial law" .. torture in "concentration camps" etc etc ..
I am so proud my grandfather and father fought for the ability for GW to be a lying, snivelling fear monger that had the ability to rape the constitution !

I am just so fed up with this "terrorist" crap.
Sure they exist ! But where, how many ?
Enough is enough.....
We have generated more 12- 14 yr old terrorists in Iraq since we started this war....

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