Saturday, January 21

G Dub' you want to tell me again about the enviable economy...?

China reports Record breaking national economic gains, puts two space shots up, develops the Yangtze river projects and wind farms in korea
(both countries are, from who we recently borrowed oodles of coin)
Meanwhile back at the "ranch"

Wall Street shares have suffered their worst single-day points fall since 24 March 2003, wiping out the gains made so far this year.

'Taking profits'

The market was unsettled as oil prices topped $68 a barrel after alleged new threats to the US by al-Qaeda, worries about Iran's nuclear intentions and production disruptions in Nigeria.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in February, jumped $1.52 a barrel to close at $68.35.

New US beef import ban in Japan

US Justice Department justifies Bush's eavesdropping program
Echoing Bush's reasoning, it argues that the president has legal authority to order surveillance without court order under powers granted him in time of war, such as the ongoing conflict against the Al-Qaeda terror network and its allies.

I say it is time to define what is, and when America is at war!
Vietnam was never a declared war!
Instead it was a military police action that lasted well over a decade.
Does G Dub get to wire tap Americans anytime he pleases ?
Heck we have had a "war on drugs" for years and years.
A "war on terrorism"
A "war on crime"
A "war this...
A "war on that...

SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego man who spent two decades in prison for a death that's now believed to have been an accident will get $756,900 in compensation.

Meanwhile, prisoners rot, and get tortured at Guantanamo and many other illegal "by our own laws" places around the globe. They get no due process, no (real)legal representation, no swift and speedy trial with a jury of their peers. And the lucky few that have been realeased (after years of torture) get a flight home and nary an opology!

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