Wednesday, January 25

Tell us again about the enviable economy "King George" ?

While the American stock markets plummet, trade deficits soar,
and the American dictator "King George" asks congress to once agin lift the ceiling on the allowable national debt.......

Does "King george think no one reads international news?

China's economy continues to soar

China's economy maintained its stellar growth last year, official figures have confirmed, expanding 9.9% in 2005.

Growth has now been about 10% for three consecutive years and the economy shows no signs of slowing despite government efforts to restrain it.

Total economic output rose to 18.2 trillion yuan ($2.25 trillion) as soaring exports fuelled the country's growing trade surplus.

Experts said China may now be the world's fourth-largest economy.

China's economy recently overtook Italy, in terms of size, and may also have leapfrogged the United Kingdom and France, analysts said.

Saturday, January 21

G Dub' you want to tell me again about the enviable economy...?

China reports Record breaking national economic gains, puts two space shots up, develops the Yangtze river projects and wind farms in korea
(both countries are, from who we recently borrowed oodles of coin)
Meanwhile back at the "ranch"

Wall Street shares have suffered their worst single-day points fall since 24 March 2003, wiping out the gains made so far this year.

'Taking profits'

The market was unsettled as oil prices topped $68 a barrel after alleged new threats to the US by al-Qaeda, worries about Iran's nuclear intentions and production disruptions in Nigeria.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in February, jumped $1.52 a barrel to close at $68.35.

New US beef import ban in Japan

US Justice Department justifies Bush's eavesdropping program
Echoing Bush's reasoning, it argues that the president has legal authority to order surveillance without court order under powers granted him in time of war, such as the ongoing conflict against the Al-Qaeda terror network and its allies.

I say it is time to define what is, and when America is at war!
Vietnam was never a declared war!
Instead it was a military police action that lasted well over a decade.
Does G Dub get to wire tap Americans anytime he pleases ?
Heck we have had a "war on drugs" for years and years.
A "war on terrorism"
A "war on crime"
A "war this...
A "war on that...

SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego man who spent two decades in prison for a death that's now believed to have been an accident will get $756,900 in compensation.

Meanwhile, prisoners rot, and get tortured at Guantanamo and many other illegal "by our own laws" places around the globe. They get no due process, no (real)legal representation, no swift and speedy trial with a jury of their peers. And the lucky few that have been realeased (after years of torture) get a flight home and nary an opology!

Wednesday, January 11

The administration cannot question the patriotism of those who disagree...

"Patriotic Americans will continue to ask the tough questions because our brave men and women in Iraq, their families and the American people deserve to know that their leaders are being held accountable," Reid said.
Reid said it was outrageous that Bush was using U.S. troops as a shield from criticism...
"Patriotic Americans will continue to ask the tough questions...

"But the administration cannot question the patriotism of those who disagree on war strategy and at the same time call for greater civility," Schiff said, adding, "We should be exploiting the divisions among our enemies, not among ourselves."

The Left parties of India - the communists and socialists whose support is needed for the current Congress Led UPA coalition Government to survive is getting ready to show biggest protest in their history as US President George Bush visits India next month.

We're compiling clear and convincing evidence of High Crimes and War Crimes committed by George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and the Bush/Cheney Administration.

Anti-War Group Has Documents Proving NSA
Spied on Them

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

What is particularly chilling and revealing about this is that John Yoo was a key architect post-9/11 Bush Administration legal policy. As a deputy assistant to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft, John Yoo authored a number of legal memos arguing for unlimited presidential powers to order torture of captive suspects, and to declare war anytime, any where, and on anyone the President deemed a threat.

"Yoo reasoned that because the Constitution makes the President the 'Commander-in-Chief,’ no law can restrict the actions he may take in pursuit of war. On this reasoning, the President would be entitled by the Constitution to resort to genocide if he wished."

What is the position of the Bush Administration on the torture of children, since one of its most influential legal architects is advocating the President’s right to order the crushing of a child’s testicles?

This fascist logic has nothing to do with "getting information" as Yoo has argued. The legal theory developed by Yoo and a few others and adopted by the Administration has resulted in thousands being abducted from their homes in Afghanistan, Iraq or other parts of the world, mostly at random. People have been raped, electrocuted, nearly drowned and tortured literally to death in U.S.-run torture centers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantánamo Bay. And there is much still to come out. What about the secret centers in Europe or the many still-suppressed photos from Abu Ghraib? What can explain this sadistic, indiscriminate, barbaric brutality except a need to instill widespread fear among people all over the world?

It is ironic that just prior to
arguing the President's legal right to torture children, John Yoo was defensive about the Bush administration policies, based on his legal memo’s, being equated to those during Nazi Germany.

Yoo said, "If you are trying to draw a moral equivalence between the Nazis and what the United States is trying to do in defending themselves against Al Qauueda and the 9/11 attacks, I fully reject that. Second, if you’re trying to equate the Bush Administration to Nazi officials who committed atrocities in the holocaust, I completely reject that too…
I think to equate Nazi Germany to the Bush Administration is irresponsible."
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.

President George W. Bush denounced some Democratic critics of the
Iraq war as irresponsible...
critics of the war, irresponsible...
critics of the war, irresponsible...
critics of the war, irresponsible...
Bush urges critics "be responsible on Iraq"
and yet...
The president predicted more tough fighting and more sacrifice ahead in Iraq in 2006 but said he believed progress will be made against the insurgency and on the Iraqi political process and reconstruction.

He also urged all governments to follow through on promised aid to Iraq, saying $13 billion had been pledged but not all of it delivered to date.
"not all of it delivered to date."
"not all of it delivered to date."
"not all of it delivered to date."
I smell Haliburton
and yet...
He added, "So I ask all Americans to hold their elected leaders to account

Madison Group Wants To Impeach President George W. Bush
They accuse the Bush administration of repeatedly lying to the public.
"They believe they are above the law," said Vogeler. "They believe the U.S. Government and military are above the law and that?s not true. We have to abide by international law."

Merkel bashes Guantanamo ahead of US trip
"An institution like Guantanamo can and should not exist in the longer term. Different ways and means must be found for dealing with these prisoners," Merkel told German news magazine Der Spiegel in its latest issue, published on Monday.

WASHINGTON - Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee said Wednesday they were troubled by inconsistencies in Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's answers on issues ranging from voting rights to ethics to his membership in a conservative organization.

Sunday, January 8

"the greatest terrorist in the world"

CARACAS, Venezuela - The American singer and activist
Harry Belafonte called
President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world" on Sunday and said ....


US draws up space tourism rules
The FAA also suggests space tourism companies check the global "no-fly" list, from the US Homeland Security Department, to exclude potential terrorists.

You mean the "no fly" list that, that terrible, mean, ugly, nasty, violent man "Cat stevens" is on... the same fly list with gads of 9 mos old babies and 82 yr old men are on ?
So glad that (in my immence fear).. I have GW to (drop buildings.. er I mean) defend me...
Even if it means 'martial law" .. torture in "concentration camps" etc etc ..
I am so proud my grandfather and father fought for the ability for GW to be a lying, snivelling fear monger that had the ability to rape the constitution !

I am just so fed up with this "terrorist" crap.
Sure they exist ! But where, how many ?
Enough is enough.....
We have generated more 12- 14 yr old terrorists in Iraq since we started this war....

Tuesday, January 3

"But King George what about the.....?"

Ooops, I almost forgot, it is "unAmerican" and "Unpatriotic" to excercise freedom of speech/thought, and question the good King!

I just can't help but wonder, "isn't there more to running a country's economy" than simply starting a war, and using it for an an excuse for everything"

White House officials hope this week sets the tone for its top priorities as Bush visits the Pentagon on Wednesday to discuss the war on terror and then flies to Chicago on Friday to try to convince Americans that the economy is on solid footing.

-Enter, the proverbial door to door, vacuum cleaner salseman

"I've been thinking long and hard about 2006," Bush said Sunday after visiting wounded troops in San Antonio. "And my hopes of course are for peace around the world. I'm going to continue to work as hard as I can to lay that foundation for peace."

Bush also mentioned the economy's increasing strength.

"We had a very strong economy and we'll work to keep the economy as strong as we possibly can so anybody that wants to find a job can find one," Bush said.

-Just a few questions there ... Mr. "straight up, honest kind'a guy...?
-If the economy is so damn good, what about .....

On Thursday, Bush meets with Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former secretaries of defence and state, including Madeleine Albright who served in the Clinton administration.
Bush will be defending his strategies for curbing terrorism and...
outlining his game plan in the war.

"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.

Also in January,
Bush is expected to deliver his fifth state of the union address,
-one that must be about more than Iraq, said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Bush must also address issues like health care costs and the federal deficit.

"You're starting to see a revolt in Republican ranks," Jamieson said.
"What is he going to say to members of his party about what he's doing about the deficit?"

"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.

Just lies, lies and more lies...

And not a very good liar at that!
The Good "king George" can't even keep a story straight for a few days, let alone weeks.

The NSA program "listens to a few numbers called from the outside of the United States and of known al Qaeda or affiliate people,"
"If somebody from al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why," Bush said.

>>>If I were making phone calls to al Qaeda, and the Gov knew it, don't you suppose that a judge would give out a "LEGALLY AQUIRED" wire tapping court order?
Sorry George I am not "buying it", not for a moment...

White House spokesman Trent Duffy later said that while the president focused on calls being made from abroad, the eavesdropping program was also conducted on communications originating from inside the United States.

"We're at war," Bush said. "I've got to use the resources at my disposal, within the law, to protect the American people. And that's what we're doing."
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.
"We're at war," Bush said.

Yah.. A war he launched us into...
And Geez George ? who is the war on/against, Terrorists ?
Please define "terrorist" ? Might that be anybody, of any race, creed or color that opposes you and VP Dick Cheney's raping of executive priviledges so that you can promote a war that you make billions off of, all the while managing to annhilate "The American Way of Life"?

What kind of war George ?
Who's the enemy ?
What are the objectives of this war?
When will a winner be declared ?

Or will you just use this shit ass excuse for all your imperialitic, fascist manuevers?
Keep it up George! Stay convinced that as long as you keep America wrapped up in a war that you can ..."Take more vacations, and do more destruction to American civil rights and Due process of law"....

What kind of war George ?
Who's the enemy ?
What are the objectives of this war?
When will a winner be declared ?

"Fourteen members of one family have been killed in a US air strike that destroyed a house in northern Iraq, an Iraqi official has said."

So far, the bodies of a nine-year-old boy, an 11-year-old girl, three women and three men have been found in the rubble.

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