Friday, October 14

It seems America tolerates and applauds lies and fascism.

I read: in the Boston Globe news paper "over 30% of young Americans believe the news media should have to submit for approval too the US federal government before posting"

I read: in the BBC
"US setting up new spying agency"

(too spy on whom? terrorists or citizens?)

"The director of the new agency, whose identity will remain secret and is simply known as "Jose", will report directly to the head of the CIA, Porter Goss.

"This is another positive step in building an intelligence community that is more unified, co-coordinated and effective,"

This is the same agency that George bush's father, former president Bush headed for some 40 years or so...
The same agency that now the LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, president now says, gave him information of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
The same agency that now he says was "DEAD WRONG"

WHO'S DEAD George ?
Not you, not Cheney, not Rumsfeld, nor are your bank accounts are they ?
200 billion and climbing rapidly, that's the war efforts bill too the American economy. China is putting men in space and we are grounding shuttles?

I can't waste my time. I am not going too bother with this blog anymore. I will leave it running but why bother post?
I watch and I am abhorred.Americans want to bomb what ? Any god damn place they can think of! Some think we should lessen the threat of (fictitious terrorism) by bombing Tasmania? C'mon WTF over?

The secretary of (errrr hurrrumph fascist, I mean) Homeland security.... stupid moron that's not a slip of the tongue he's just plain dumb.

I am sorry America... You deserve the ruined economy, you deserve the wire taps, you deserve the war killing your sons and daughters....
You may not have had brought it on yourselves but you sure have no issue with believing the lies, and eating the rewards of your own depredated civil rights by your own submissive ignorant posturing.

The white house bullies the media yet this in the BBC:

The latest US report, from a commission appointed by President Bush and headed by a conservative federal judge Laurence Silberman and a former Democratic Senator Charles Robb, was blunt.

'Dead wrong'

"We conclude that the Intelligence Community was dead wrong in almost all of its pre-war judgments about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. This was a major intelligence failure," they said in a letter to the president.


The man is a lying sack of doo doo and you eat it up !

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