Tuesday, September 13

Regain trust ?

Bush, Seeking to Regain Trust,

Well I am sorry but when his dad dragged us into "desert storm" and I watched the value of newly constructed homes plumet (within 10 months) to below what their simple construction costs were, I got very worried about Mr. "New World Order", Mr. head of the CIA. remember them the CIA ?
From wikipedia >>
"As part of the Ford administration, Rumsfeld helped formulate the White House response to the death via LSD of CIA scientist Frank Olson. Olson, a participant in the controversial MKULTRA project, was determined to be a security risk after developing moral qualms about his work on mind control experiments, deciding to leave his government work and become a dentist. Unwittingly given LSD and apparently thrown to his death out a hotel window in 1953, the circumstances of Olson's death remained a mystery to his family until......
In response to their threat to sue the United States government, White House staffers Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney reportedly warned President Gerald Ford that a lawsuit concerning Frank Olson could result in the public disclosure of additional and related measures taken in the interest of national security that ......
An out-of-court settlement was offered, along with personal meetings between the Olson family and the White House. The White House maintained, however, that Olson's death was suicide, a detail that remained unchallenged until an exhumation of Olson's body suggested the scientist had been murdered. The exhumation was inspired by the Olson family's discovery of a CIA manual on interrogation that recommended drugging a subject before throwing them out a window."

Any way back to my point...
In short, I don't trust Geo Bush senior, I don't, haven't and never will, trust his son...

Ok call it a conspiracy freak observation,
but when I read in the paper that our presidents own mother makes scathing comments (with direct racial implications) in the wake of Katrina,
when I read about how George bush sat with a bunch of grade school kids for almost a full twenty minutes (doing nothing but making goofy faces) after being informed that the Twin Towers had been hit with the comment "Mr. president, we are under attack"
when I know about things like


Avalanches of energy dislodged by such radio waves could hit us hard. Their work suggests that technicians could control global weather by sending relatively small 'signals' into the Van Allen belts (radiation belts around Earth). Thus Tesla's resonance effects can control enormous energies by tiny triggering signals.
The Begich/Manning book asks whether that knowledge will be used by war-oriented or biosphere-oriented scientists.

And the fact that the biggest HAARP gun was sponsored by the British and US (covertly)!
"Gerard Bull was first contracted by the Iraqi government in 1981. They desperately needed artillery to out-range the enemy in the protracted Iran-Iraq War. The association allowed Bull to yet again seek sponsorship of a space-launch supergun. Sadam Hussein liked the idea, and Project Babylon was born. Throughout the 1980's Bull's dealings with Iraq had the covert approval of Western governments, who saw Iraq as a counterweight to revolutionary Iran.....

Production of components for the Babylon gun began in Britain with the knowledge of British and US intelligence services. These were officially 'oil pipeline segments' for the 'PC-2' petrochemical refinery....

"On 22 March 1990 Bull was assassinated and the project quickly unravelled. It is commonly thought that he was killed by the Israelis, concerned not so much by the supergun work but rather dynamics research Bull was doing to improve Iraqi ballistic missiles. Three weeks later British Customs seized the final eight sections of the Babylon Gun. On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, precipitating the Gulf War. This ended Western covert sponsorship of Iraq."

The president, facing his worst poll numbers ever...
in the hurricane's wake, angrily rejected any suggestion that National Guard deployments in
Iraq had in any way hampered the early response to Katrina.

"It is preposterous to claim that the engagement in Iraq meant there wasn't enough troops here. It's pure and simple," he said forcefully. "We've got plenty of troops to do both."
your intelligence isn't insulted by this guy?
Has this man never played a basic game of chess?

But Lieutenant General Steven Blum, head of the National Guard Bureau, reportedly said last week that "arguably" one day of response time was lost due to Mississippi and Louisiana National Guard deployments in Iraq.

"Had that brigade been at home and not in Iraq, their expertise and capabilities could have been brought to bear," he was quoted as saying.

Bush also sought to clarify his comment that no-one had anticipated that New Orleans' levees would break, which came despite government warnings and alarms sounded in the media on precisely that issue.

Come on America, I am a high school drop out, and this president of ours is insulting my intelligence.
Has he never played a basic game of chess?
The military recruiters are bending over backwards to get anything that can pull a trigger to join the ranks. They (the military) are demanding of American soldiers (men and women) who have already served two tours in Iraq, that they return for more fighting. Yet .. quote "It is preposterous to claim that the engagement in Iraq meant there wasn't enough troops here."

In my opinion, what is preposterous is that Bush hasn't been impeached yet. Ok so maybe bringing him too trial for all his lies and manipulations and terrorizing America wouldn't stick. What about the FACT, that president Clinton left this country financially in the black ink, on a track to completely absolve the National debt within another 6 years. This "oh so wonderful, patriotic, bible thumping, drug rehab guy, now has us paying well over 194 BILLION DOLLARS on his game in Iraq ! This guy tells you that all the troops and efforts in Iraq were by no means a distraction to relief efforts to Americans, on American soil is "PREPOSTEROUS"!

Lawmakers ask Bush to save Gulf Coast naval bases
Lawmakers ask Bush to save Gulf Coast naval bases .
But nooooo this ding bat has us building four humongous military bases in Iraq. While at the same time he is closing American bases faster than you can say "HOMELAND SECURITY"

Are we as Americans are either to limp to stop this maniacal machine...
or do we really just think that everybody in the middle east deserves to be bombed so that 5% of us can still drive our 3 ton SUV's and privately owned "hummers"

We just need to get the Iraqi's up too the job of defending/securing the perimeter of our Iraqi located military bases for us, while we do it....

You watch...
G Dubyah will get us involved in it (for his bosses, his "New Worl Order" daddy, Cheney and Rumsfeld) so that they can make millions if not billions off more military conflict. All the while making it harder and harder for American citizen's to be respected by the "Free and democratic Global community"

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