Friday, September 2

Prayers go out to New Orleans.

Prayers go out to New Orleans.
hoping the best for New Orleans and...
Wishing a swift and hapless recovery, already not an option.
Civil unrest unfortunately is rampant.

"Louisiana Justice System to Change in Katrina's Wake
WASHINGTON — More than 7,600 prisoners out of the New Orleans..."
prisoners were transported out of the New Orleans..."
Not cool. Civil unrest at a time when civil rights are damged and threatened ever more so with each passing week? It all leads to tighter big brother controls, less civil rights and more manipulation,

"We don't know where they are going to try to set up shop," said Dick Carelli, spokesman for the federal courts' administrative office. "It may be Baton Rouge; it may be Shreveport, but first of all they need the legislation in order to move."

Federal law does not allow U.S. District courts or U.S. Bankruptcy Courts to hold proceedings outside of their geographic area, and so Congress must pass emergency legislation when it returns after Labor Day.

There is urgency to opening the U.S. District Courts because the Speedy Trial Act sets strict deadlines for the handling of criminal cases."Funny huh ? the mention of the "speedy trial act", but that only applies to American citizens, being tried by America, apparently not "political or suspected terrorists" !

Two former Guantanamo prisoners released in Russia
With out any comment on weather they are guilty, innocent.. whatever.. the point being, substandard "due process of law". Substandard, thumbing it's nose at the American legal system, and/or Geneva convention. Whether innocent or guilty, the Guantanamo bay sitution, IN MY OPPINION, just seems to smack of totaliltarianism befitting a close running for "fascist"!

Pentagon changes rules for Guantanamo trials
did you ever play a fictitious game of cards with a 5 year old?
You know the game, you sit and smile, nod occasionally. All the while the game is being invented, morphing, almost inexorably in your opponents favour. As often as not, small consilitory "gestures" are made, usually of such inconsequence that they are more of an insult.

FBI launches probe of US prison for terrorism threats
As the "Fed" gears up. building one huge military base after another. In Irag (the country we are supposed to be withdrawing from?), South Smerica and South East asia. Closures of basses all of the same continent that Bush "inflicted" the oxymoronic "Patriote act" upon.

Florida judge says exonerated prisoner can't sue the state for compensation...

Funny isn't that the same state where one of the Bush "Gang" is Governor?

The point is folks.. return to top of post, read through again. If by the time you don't "get it" upon reaching here ... go around again.

America will very rapidly (given it's present bell curve of degradation), PAY GW and his gang of the "have's and have more's" too indebt the broad cross slice of America, into a MONSTOUS ECONOMIC HOLE!

But Don't worry folks, it will all be ok when we "Globalise". Think how peaceful it will be, how still, calm and beautiful life will be when...

"Big brother" has total control of the all branches of military (subsequently merged into one, black, unaccountable force)
All branches of Federal Intelligence agencies and most of the court system...

Then we will have order, when the "American people realise that it is in their best interests to simply hand over, give up all civil and criminal rights. To hand over ultimate power to a single governing power."
Then since that power will be the Global leadership under the "new World Order" of course American's will be taken "care of" right?

Or will they be amalgamated into a borderless unified "global community" that by then is merely a shell, a half dead bario as a reminder of the wealth of a nation, given in their dire need for the structure of totalitarian rule?

If you STILL don't get it, here is even MORE information for you:



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