Friday, September 9

Look alive folks: there's a WAR on..... ?

It's true, about six too eight years ago I coined my model for a "universally beneficial, WAR on America".
I thought I had published it in a previous post...
Since I did'nt here is a segment from an earlier article I wrote, including a brief primer on my "War on America model"

Before I leave you too it though, I want to reiterate, that on the early morning of sept 11th I was awoken too see the film loops of the planes hitting the twin towers. Within less than 4-6 minutes the intial shock had worn off and my heart sank. It sank so low,
I couldn't help but mutter over and over...

"The motherf%$#&ers, the really did it...
They waged an actual war on America...
All for the benefit of a couple dozen families.
How many will suffer if not die...
This could've all been executed much more orderly.
It could have been done for
the "Universal benefit of all America".

"BUT THEY" have a different idea of the word "prosperous",
GW and his merry gang of the "Have's and the have more's".

previously posted elsewhere>>

I will make this brief:
When hurricane Iniki hit the Hawaiian island of kaua'i, it was a terrible thing yes, however it was one of the best things that ever happened in the 90's to hawai'i's economy. That is when I dreamed up this economic model for which I have been told I am bonkers.
We (the US) are a military industrial complex. No matter how you cut it. Just like the micro version, hawai'i is a tourist economy. If you live and work in hawai'i you are in a tourist industry. Carpenters build hotels, and airports etc.
Since America is inexorably a war economy, why don't we wage war on America ?
Why don't we do well planned evacuations of a major city. Utilize FEMA and the Civil defence to do so in an orderly manner. Then go in with "smart bombs" and destroy with our military's "surgical precision" the antiquated and dilapidated infrastructures, saving the newly constructed ones.
(*note about the military's "surgical precision", remember early in the Iraqi war how some couple thousand Iraqi insurgents, "escaped under cover of darkness", wake up America, your being feed lies)

After the bombing of the target city, we go back in and rebuild. Carpenters, plumbers, tradesman of all walks would flood in. When the work dried up, "whoop, whoop" onto the next city. We build bombs as usual, we drop them (as usual) and clear the shelves of aging ordinance and the economy thrives !
When I was awoken by my dear sweet aunty that ill fated morning of 9/11, I thought she was suffering from the "war of the worlds" syndrome, that she was watching a fictional late night movie, and believed it to be true.
When I realized it was indeed true, my heart sank lower than it had ever dropped before. I will never forget, minutes after the second plane, hit the second tower, muttering, "I knew it was a good idea, I just didn't think that "they" could be so selfish". I didn't think that Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney would be so bold, so selfish" !
Certainly that is just my opinion. But now we are being told by Rumsfeld that we will be in Iraq for at least a decade more. Bush says "we wont leave until there is stability in the region", when there hasn't been in over 2000 yrs. All the while Cheney's Haliburton corp. is raping billions of dollars from the American public, but it's ok, it is politely termed "uncontested defense contracts". And lying in the wings, Bush senior watches as his son desecrates the constitution and the bill of rights, and laughs. Can you say "read my lips" and "new world order" !
But of course this is all my opinion, which now I am forbidden too express. Which now, for voicing I can under the (ha hummph) fascist, oops I mean "patriot act"
(the founding fathers no doubt are rolling in their graves)
be put in prison for. Incarcerated, not arrested though. because arrested implies that charges are made. In turn "charges" imply that I will have rights, get legal representation, a swift and speedy trial with a jury of my peers, and IF found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, given the right to appeal. Not anymore folks !
The constitution is a worthless document that you might as well wipe you back side with and flush down the drain.
Up untill, 9 11 2002 I was the quintessential patriot !
I believed in the constitution and the rights it granted not only me but all who stood on American soil. Those rights are gone !
Something I have feared in this development of the "new world order", was seeing the terrible benchmark of the first innocent American being shot by his/ her own tax supported military's guns. It hasn't happened yet.....
(let's just forget about "kent state university" shall we)
But it has happened recently in England !
Let's overlook as well the fact that 88 people died in the London bombings...
(at exactly the same time as the British counter terrorist task force was in the same mass transit system, running anti terrorist drills)
yet in the year 1988 over 13,000 people died on her Queen's highways.
Did bush intend to invade Iraq before 9/11 ?
Wake up America !
Does he intend to invade other oil rich middle eastern countries ?
Wake up America !
Are you free to speak out about it anymore ?
The "new world order" is not about nationalism, it's about "globalism"
The Bush administration recently forbid Westinghouse corp.
(sorry not owned by Dick Cheney)
from bringing/selling nuclear power plant technologies to the Chinese.
Like they care ? Once the worlds largest most efficient manufacturing society/ culture has realized the enormous power that will come from the multiple, mega sized hydro electric power plants provided by the "yellow river project" they will be a force that will completely dwarf that of the United States. Yet the "patriotic Americans" will still think they can "bomb those gooks" as well.
Wake up America, see George Bush for what he is!
Fact: an AWOL recovering alcoholic with a propensity for cocaine, that has made a career of forming large oil corporations, collapsing them and walking with the investors goodies.
Where is this man that the United States CIA, under the direction of our present presidents father, trained, > "Osama Bin Laden" ?
I have a hunch he is right now, playing shuffle board, sipping mint juleps, with a fresh shave, on a very secure ranch in Texas !
Are there real terrorists threatening the American way of life?
A way of life that constitutionally guarantee "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". A way of life that guarantees "freedom of speech" and the "due process of law"?
You better believe it !
And they were voted (illegitimately) into office, and supported whole heartedly by the majority of Americans.
America is a "majority rules" system, obviously Americans are into fascism. So folks, it's "America, love it or leave it", so get with it. Condone the torcher of innocent people against Geneva convention !
Get with it, condone the unlawful detention of your fellow citizenry, because it is not at all "unlawful" anymore. This is what the majority wants, if you don't, you are not a patriot !

London has bombed itself before
... 1994 but MI5 didn't disclose two documents which indicated their innocence. One document indicated another group had carried out the attack and the other document was the belief of an MI5 officer that ... Cached page
Yah what's up with that?
What's up with GW and Blair ?
What they can't get more creative?
Just one "copy cat" following another?

Why the "world trade center" any way? It was bombed a couple times before. Every time the story just got more and more "hokey"
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