Friday, September 23

Kanye West seems to think that African-Americans were singled out...

Excuse me?
I am sure that African Americans endure serious negative racial/ethnic profiling ie: predjudice. The black community are all to often victims of predjudice and there (I am sure) was extreme bias in our news media about the conduct of people after hurricane katrina.

Living very far away from the New Orleans disaster I know very little about the reality of what actually happened directly after the storm hurricane katrina passed.
This I do know, poor, low income people come in all sizes and colors.

I could be wrong but, I don't agree with Mr. west when he declared,
" George Bush doesn't care about black people ."
I believe that our president doesn't care about anyone or anything that doesn't profit his "gang".

George Bush has more than once been quoted as saying things to the effect of, my people, my extended family is that of the "have's and the Have more's"
there is one thing Mr Bush cares very deeply for... Money and the acquisition of it at any cost or risk too anybody "below him". Below him just happens too be anyone that is not in the top two percent income bracket.

One thing that is an absolute, that being, that the American media in general is terrified of the present presidential cabinet.
"Before the rapper could complete his statement, NBC producers cut away."

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