Sunday, September 11

In memory of sept. 11

I ask these simply questions:

Why was it such a coincidence that the bulk of America's fighter jets were in the air over northern Canada doing "anti-terrorist training" at the exact time of the trade center's fiasco?
*note much the same as the London anti-terroist squads running drills at the same exact time as the "London bombings"

How the hell does a full size commercial jet airliner (supossedly) punch a perfectly round hole (much smaller than the actual size of the plane) in the wall of the pentagon, and leave no traces of aircraft debri ?

Why was all the debri from the trade centers shipped (of all places) too China, never to be inspected by American forensic teams ?

Why do "black boxes" from almost all planes that carry them, with stand veritable "direct hits" and survive, yet not one of the eight "black boxes" from the four commercial jets of 9/11 infamy have been found?

Why, when told about the trade centers, did George Bush just sit there for well over 15 almost twenty full minutes, hanging out with grade schoolers, twiddling his thumbs, making silly faces?

Why was I searched over a dozen times while using air travel to get from the pacific basin to the east coast a few months after 9/11, yet able too with out more than showing a Hawaiian drivers liscence, able to board an Amtrak train in Nework New jersey with literally a 100 pounds of carry on luggage including a guitar case. Which I was able too stick in an overhead literally a few feet behind the conductors head. A train which I rode right into "Grand central station" and beyond. Then on the return back to the Pacific.. searched over a dozen times more ...?

Why do Americans believe (what I feel to be a total BS story) that we are being terroized?
If that were the case.. there would be anthrax in all the major cities drinking water sources etc etc. a long time ago!

Why did I only today (ha ha the day of 9/11) find out about these about these scary Mofo's , eating up billions of American dollars to what?
Spy on Americans ?
Oh I see this is an interesting factoid.. Geo .. It seems he had a deadline (forgive the pun) too realise terror, civil unrest and usher in his oh so accepted fascism !

What was so important in Panama when we ruthlessly invaded them?
*note: under the presidential leadership of Geo "One World Order" Bush Sr. with Dick Cheney as secretary of Defense.
Besides the worst land travel bottle neck of south American cocaine north bound towards North America ?

What was/is so important about Afghanistan, that the CIA felt so compelled to train and arm their dear (fall boy) Osama bin Laden ?
besides the fact that it produces a huge percentage of the world's opium poppy plantations and hence heroin export

If we are (supposedly) in a "GLOBAL" war on terrorism, yet have nothing but honorable intentions in Iraq and are dead set on "rebuilding" Iraq both politically and economically, why then have we not planted a single date palm tree ? Date palms were Iraq's largest export (besides oil). We have decimated their date palm production. As you read this Dick Cheney's beloved military contractor corporation is eating up billions of US dollars to (make me laugh) rebuild Iraq, yet not one productive food/export crop/tree has been planted ?

If we have a fair an unfettered news media, why do I read nothing (except in Reuters) that Dick Cheney my be indicted by the French Government for "foul play" in African oil/fuel business deals ?

If we have a fair an unfettered news media, why do I read nothing (except in Reuters) about the 13 CIA agents that the Italian government have warrants out for the arrest of ?

speaking of media, I haven't heard nary another word about Pat Robertson's open and public assassination call? Why if other non"christian-ista" American citizen's are being incarcerated by the (make me puke) "Patriot Act", is not Pat Robertson in Guantanamo Bay right now ?

If "Homeland Security" is such an issue, why are we building huge military bases in Iraq (the country we are going to exit our military from soon) and at the same time closing scores of bases around the united states?
isn't it obvious folks?.. when GW talks about Iraq being able to police it's self.. he just means "secure our military bases from insurgent attacks" as we bomb Iran

Why do Americans not bat an eye at the fact that GW has nominated (usually while congress is in recess) Cheney's son in law (a lobbyist for Lockheed) as "General Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security", as well as defence contractors (with virtually no military leadership experience) to be Secretary of the Navy and Air Force?

Why do Americans not bat an eye at the fact that GW has been almost maniacal about appointing John Roberts to a chair on the Supreme court, when Roberts has less law experience than most para legal clerks ?

Why do Americans tolerate (and not impeach and try as a war criminal) bush at all ?
Are they really that myopic ?
Don't they read the newspaper?

Why am I one of the only people I know of, that is appalled at the fact that new legislature was passed allowing criminals from the wake of "Katrinka" to be not just transported but far worse yet.... tried in courts in other states. Why am I the only one I know of (at this point) that sees this as an obvious stepping stone towards complete lawlessness/fascism ? Why was the law made in the first place (that a criminal must be tried in the state that he/she perpetrated the crime they are being accused of? Come on folks think about it please !

These aren't 10,000 word essay answers I am looking for here. Just basic concise, logical, rational explanations of > WHY?

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