Monday, September 19

English clergy can admit a wrong, even if Gee Dubyah can't!

The war appeared to be "as much for reasons of American national interests as it was for the well-being of the Iraqi people".

On another note..
I agree with Venezuelan President Chavez..
Is not that what we were told by "GW". That he would fight terror on a "global" scale
I guess we can't even deal with it in our own bible belt, unless we get to rotate some military ordinance inventories, Then have the "Haliburton Agency" go in and make a financial killing cleaning up the left overs.

"The 20 were suspected of belonging to an illegal organization which is alleged to have organized attacks on immigrants, officials said."
Good thing "Gee Dubyah doughwn't leev in Spain"
neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honor.... hey doesn't that rhyme with "skull and bones"

Patriot (er hurrumph fascist) act...
The Department of Justice has filed an emergency motion,
to lift the gag order gag order in a case involving a Connecticut library and the USA Patriot Act.

How come we don't hear anything in main stream media about the state of Connecticut suing the white house admin over issues of state education dept's. funding in the "No child ( er. hurrumph billionaire) will be left behind ?

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