Thursday, September 22

"cutting off the nose, despite the face"

I was working on the computer late last night and had a terrible thought regarding the president, That "oh so magnanimous man, that man of such integrity, that oh so philanthropic leader of our great nation".
We are certainly in a pickle. We NEED him, we HAVE too have him serve out his full second term. As much as I want to see him impeached and his power to do more damage neutralized... it is logistically impossible at this point.
Have you ever used the expression "out of the fry pan, into the fire"? Well the thought that suddenly crossed my mind was, if Bush got impeached, we'd be in double trouble. There is no way too put this king in check with out giving up our queen (to make a chess analogy).
There is no way, that I know of that we can get rid of Bush shy of just letting this character expire his second term, without...
Vice president DICK CHENEY taking over.
That my friends is an even more terrible reality than what we have now.

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