Sunday, September 11

Certainly a day of remberance and...

a day to honor!

I was going to be productive today,
but I decided instead to blow off the pursuits in lieu of spending (my waking) day with my dad, until he ended his day by retiring with a book in hand.
While I was waking, coffee in hand, in discussion with my dad, I said..
"It certainly is a day to remember, no matter what you believe, who you support and applaud or who you disagree with, today was a day to honor. The date 9/11 basically means as much I think now, as the 4th of July. I certainly agree with the president (for exactly the antithesis of his meaning) that the whole world changed that day, and from that point forward things will never be quite the same"

To all of this my father basically agreed, adding "yes I think there in no doubt that in say, 6 - 8 years from now a child in their early teens will think more about, know more about and hold much more relevance in the date"

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