Friday, September 2

The beat remains, Bush wants americans to raise money for disaster relief, while the war wages on in the middle east

who really cares were looking at globalisation folks,
"There will be no billionaire
left behind"!

American culture and "homeland security", yuh right?
Oh sure, sure.
You can't say you dont get the picture yet?

Destroy the economy all the while install all your big business crony friends to leach off and control the federal goverment, at will.

So the beat goes on, the sleaze ball continues to appoint ill appropriate officers to high positions while congress is in recess.

Of course he pumps up his "Gangs" war a little more now. Now were in for WWIII ar least he comparing Irag to WWII

and prices continue to rise and yet the voices are but a distinct murmur

They are closing military bases all over america, Yet they are building four huge bases in Irag, South America and South east Asia.
Bush's rhettoric continues, trying to justify why His "gang" should be bullying people across the other side of the globe. Bush just loves spending money on the millitary (now that his father, Cheney and Rummy, just about "own it"), as long as he/they can make a buck. He talks about homeland security, while looking the other way from issues right at home.

I tell you, invest in the right things like oil and bombs, you'll do all right.

Yep only the Good Lord Above is able too look look down upon The Venerable "GW" as he appoints more and more of his business associates to positions in the government.




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