Saturday, September 17

All conspiracy theories aside...

The president went too drug rehab, seemes to run in the family.
"Noelle Bush, Noelle Bush, the (recount state) governor's daughter, was arrested in January 2002 and was accused of trying to pass a fraudulent prescription at a Tallahassee pharmacy to obtain the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. She completed a drug rehabilitation program in August 2003 and a judge dismissed the drug charges against her.Noelle Bush was sent to jail twice for violating rules during her rehab stint. She was jailed for three days in July 2002 after being caught with prescription pills and served 10 days a month later after being accused of having a small rock of crack cocaine in her shoe."

seems her brother (GW's nephew) is just a drunk, but was too good too admit it he resisted arrest and got scuffed up recently.
"21-year-old nephew of President Bush was arrested by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at 2:30 a.m. Friday on a corner..........."

March on war mongering, drug rehabilitated "christian-ista" soldier...

White House officials are using rhetoric about More fictitious terrorist threats in the tri-border region (where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet) in order to build their case for military operations,...

meanwhile back at the ranch, just when you thought that "Fidel" was so terrible and heartless that it would stand to reason "GW" would have all the right in the world to torture innocent people and incarcerate them with no due process of law (for years) in Fidel's face at Guantanamo bay...

"The levees failed for only one reason -- because the money needed to restore them was diverted to killing people in an illegal war and occupation in Iraq and the ironically named Department of “Homeland Security.”..........."
"In response to this horrible tragedy, Cuban President Fidel Castro on the evening of September 2 reiterated Cuban offer, first made on August 30, to send doctors and medical equipment to provide desperately-needed assistance to those who have become the victims of both Hurricane Katrina and of the Bush administration's meager and
criminally negligent response."
"Cuba is offering to send 1,100 medical doctors with 26.4 tons of medications and diagnosis kits at no expense to the U.S. (they will even bring their own food and water). This is a great humanitarian gesture by Cuba, considering that the U.S. has imposed an illegal economic blockade on the country for over 40 years."

And still yet, the American public just rolls their eyes and says "oh well as long as I get my designer coffee in the morning" while driving their three ton SUV to work, the rest of the world shudders as the American War Machine continues to foment and profit from yet more war, the rest of the world's numbers that hold disgust and disdain, are bailing on GW and his extortion of billions of dollars. At an alarming rate the alliance between true democratic leaders are advancing in strategic economic alliances with China.

Well I say Chevez is no dummy, why align yourself with a lying drug rehabilitated "christian-ista"? As the US consumer confidence plunges while China's economic growth shows no sign of slowing

That is just all in the news papers. No conspiracy just blatant truth, just straight up "facts ma'am, nothing but the facts ma'am"

But how can these Americans sit there and think GW is honest, has integrity and "WOULD NEVER" condone anything that threatened the well being of American Citizens. Right?
9/11 and Katrina couldn't have been a plot by someone or rather group, that's preposterous.... right ?

Hey we have "homeland security" we are bullet proof, nothing can hold a candle to "US" we are invincible!
The concept of the Goverment hurting it's own citizens? It has to be poppy cock. No government would ever unleash a plague on it's own people.Not even if it meant more centralized power, more extortion of the wealth, by the wealthy etc.

PLEASE... WAKE UP AMERICA, (it seems obvious too me) THIS GUY BUSH (under the direction of his "CIA, New World Order" dad, Cheney and Rumsfeld) THINKS HE CAN EXTORT ALL YOUR MONEY AND USE IT TO BURY YOU, IN HIS BID FOR GLOBALLIZATION WHILE YOU ROT !

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