Tuesday, August 23

why, and what are my objectives ?



1a. I have been, for a long time now battling a dichotomy. I call myself a patriot one day and the next I say I am going to expatriate. I talk with utter disgust of the rapid trend towards America being an imperialistic, "military industrial complex", ruled by fascist big business leaders and fueled by ranks of oppressed, obedient yet self righteous sheep with no civil rights what so ever.
I should do as I have always said, "love it or leave it". I am not entirely prepared, emotionally, too "throw in the towel" as it were. I don't think I will ever see in my life time, a regaining of the respect that once was exhibited for Americans by people of foreign nations. However, I have not really done much as an individual to try to stop the tyranny. So I will make a start and a "last ditch effort" before I bail.

2a. I want my government and the people around me to know, that after having had visited the middle east, having had seen violence and oppression in other places, that I in my humble opinion, whole heartedly believe that, yes there are terrorists in the world. However the terrorists that have done the greatest damage to the American civil rights and liberties are not from foreign soils. I am not "buying" the hype and propaganda that foreign born, Islamic fundamentalists pose any real threat to America at this point in time. I do believe it may come to that, as the United States federal government is "allowed" by it's mute citizenry to foment violence and civil unrest not just in the middle east but Africa, South America and South east Asia.
I believe the people "accused" of being on a "Jihad" or religious war are not, but are being literally forced into it by a small group of Americans. A group of Americans who are on a Jihad and their religion is money and power, which is, in their opinion to be had at all costs including the desecration of their own nation.
(more on that later when we get into globalism and "the new world order")!

3a. I do (want to) believe that those that don't see, at this time "the wood from the tree", can be enlightened as to the idea that they are being lead down "the prim rose path" lined with lies and deceit. As well that they can be swayed to understand that at a certain point there will be a threshold reached. The threshold will be momentous because at the same time that they realize that they have been "duped" by a totalitarian leadership with no honesty and no true loyalty to it's citizens, er excuse me "subjects", there will be no where to go to avoid it's evil grip as it will either be fomenting wars so terrible as to make life inhospitable in those areas, or they will have already "wrapped it up" under their totalitarian fascist might.

4a. As my mother said to me years ago "way too many lives were offered to the chopping block, to many farms and estates, too many families and realized freedoms risked, for my RIGHT to fight. My RIGHT to speak my mind against what I construe as a serious threat to my "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" and what was once held dear as an American way of life. I owe it to my ancestry to speak out vehemently AT THE LEAST, before I throw in the towel and expatriate. Which I fear I may not be allowed to do. In the short years ahead I fear I, and other disheartened Americans will become prisoners. Prisoners with no rights of free travel within or outside of the country. No civil rights within the country. Held as captives by a fascist regime that offers no "due process of law"!

5a. I might as well "speak now or forever hold my peace", for the time is upon us. Upon me and my fellow patriots and countrymen. The time is nigh, soon we not only, will we not have the "right" to speak our minds freely but we will be persecuted with no "due process of law" for so doing!

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