Tuesday, August 23

What a two faced, self serving president

I Demand Justice.
I demand of you "George Bush" our president,
that this man "Pat Robertson" be incarcerated.
I demand of you Mr. President, that you treat this man the same way you have treated the men, women and children at Guantanamo bay!
I Demand that "Pat Robertson" be incarcerated at Guantanamo bay,
I Demand that he be held "NOW"!
Held with no charges, no lawyer, and beaten.
Beaten like the rest of the Guantanamo bay prisoners.
This man is not a suspect!


What's the matter Mr. President? no huevos?
If this man is not incarcerated, beaten and tortured it just proves that we are going limp. That we are loosing the er (hurrumph) "WAR ON TERRORISM"! You told me we must be resolute and rout out terrorists wherever they may be. This is scaring me Mr. President, this man Robertson has infiltrated our borders.
I demand Justice be served. I want him to have his captors, face less, unaccountable CIA agents, strip pages out of the King James version of the bible and have them defecate on them before his very eyes as they interrogate him. This is what you have done to many innocent country men, commoners from Iraq !

Oh I am sorry how unpatriotic of me. I apologize Mr. President, for expressing such a harsh, emotional and angry response. I know Mr. president you are acting always in my best behalf because I am not very bright. There is always bigger factors going on than my poorly educated mind could fathom.
I realize that this man Chevez is really, really terrible. That even though he is the elected president of a democratic nation, that it could not be by a just cause that he come to be such. Why how could it be? He is the president of the worlds fifth largest producer of oil. Oil that you import and make a profit from. Oil that you want to take from him with military force.
Mr. President I am not to bright, but I understand that as we speak the CIA is in Venezuela fomenting a civil war. I am sure that there is a lot more than meets the eye than the simplistic facts.
I sure am glad that you are so much smarter than me and that you are fighting so hard to protect the American way of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I am so glad that you are so honest and have such integrity.
All "HIEL" (I mean hail) Bush and the fourth "Reich" (I mean the moral right).
by the way Mr. president I learned a new word today aren't you proud of me ? Perhaps one day I may even have the intelligence and education understand why you aren't elected "DICTATOR"!

The US has tried twice to oust Chavez, and failed. It is no secret that they are now planning a conflict based on the story that Columbian rebels are using Venezuela as a staging ground for attacks. Robertson's comments make sense, in that it gives the Bush Administration the opportunity to publicly state that they have no plans on deposing or assassinating Chavez. If such an assassination does take place months from now, Washington can always point to these comments in order to distance themselves from any reports on their involvement. Robertson has always worked closely with the Establishment, so, it makes little sense that he would be making such volatile statements "on his own." I believe that this is part of a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign leading up to America's next coup!
It is thought processes like this that make me more afraid of the USA than any other country on the planet. If it were anything to do with me, there would be a request made to the UN for the world to invade the USA and rid us of a government actively supporting people with views like this. I mean this terrorist AND any who think like the person who wrote this blog.
The world is seeing that the majority of the USA population still think and behave like cowboys, who were in the first place the second generation of degenerates, religious extremists and convicts expelled from their own countries.
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