Thursday, August 25

My intentions

I really didn't want to get into composing lengthy expose's on "My personal opposition to the direction/degradation America has taken under the auspices of George bush"

In contrast I intended to merely make quick observations about the ridiculousness of what I am bombarded with in the little bits of news media I do actually partake in.

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Re: domestic and foreign policy:

Re: military conflict with China

Re: do I believe George Bush to be a maniacal "War Monger"

With out further adieu, let's take at today's news shall we?

the following was excerpted from only one page, of one news media publication.

*The vacuum cleaner salesman has his foot firmly wedged in the door jam of your front door demanding you listen too his faulty rhetoric about why you should buy his substandard, limited life product

"But I thought he told us over a year ago that we had WON THE WAR IN IRAQ"
"So long as I'm the president, we will stay, we will fight, and we will win the war on terror," said Bush, who announced that global campaign after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
(note the stage clue in the use of the phrase"GLOBAL CAMPAIGN")
*This potential customer seems neither adverse nor positive about the proverbial vacuum cleaner, but is not "sold" on the idea that it is going to have any ROI to speak of.
Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy said in reaction to Bush's speech, that more than "photo-ops and spin" are needed to win the Iraq war.
"(Bush) needs to realize what most Americans now understand that staying the course is not an option."

*The salesman sensing a "hard sell", subtly refers to the concept that his agenda has religious implications and benefits. Hey wait isn't that the same tactic used by the Islamic clerics to get their youth to propagate violence as well.. hmmm well "fighting fire with fire" I suppose... "hellfire and brimstone" in this case!

The president quoted her as saying "'I know that if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they believe is right for our country. And I guess you couldn't ask for a better way of life than giving it for something you believe in.'"

*the vacuum cleaner salesman diverts question as to the validity of his product, by insulting his competitor (who is actually his work partner) at the house across the street
"An immediate withdrawal of our troops in Iraq or the broader Middle East, as some have called for, would only embolden the terrorists and create a staging ground to launch more attacks against America and free nations," he told an audience mostly made up of Idaho National Guard members.
* no further mention in the media of why Pat Robertson is not immediately imprisoned on the "Patriot act" as a public, domestic terrorist.

* the vacuum cleaner salesman vies for more time to proliferate his sales propaganda.
Bush also urged Americans to be patient as Iraqis vie to draft a new constitution.
*Where is the "salesman's" draft for months over due "MANDATED" exit plans? (there are none folks were headed for Iran right next door next)

*On this "I the audience member agrees" with the president.. however
"Producing a constitution is a difficult process. It involves a lot of debate and compromise. We know that from our own history," Bush said.
If democracy hinges on open debate and dialog, why does the proverbial salesman constantly squelch freedom of press and appoint high (military cabinet)officials(with no military background, yet exhaustive big business, mostly defense contracting resume's) while congress is in recess?,

*following is just pure hypocrisy of the most simple design. In WWII, the effectiveness of the Japanese dive bombers was largely due to their tactic of "attack from out of the sun". When I was a young boy I learned of this piece of war history. I had stolen a 35 cent package of chocolate chip cookies from a local sub shop. I was caught and subsequently "baned" from that eatery for a month and grounded for a week. Taking on the same tactic as the vacuum cleaner salesman, I hide in the sun. I spent the rest of the summer signing off (using a fictitious account#) lunches of double BLT sandwiches, large fries and a strawberry shake, at the near by yacht clubs. No I was never caught for that activity!
"Iraqis are now at the beginning of a long process, and like our founders, they're grappling with difficult issues, such as the role of the federal government," he said.
Our founders were dreadfully afraid of a totalitarian federal government and hence the incorporation of the now defunct principals of a republic of independent states under the commonwealth of a federal government
"They're arguing about the proper place of religion in the life of their nation. And like our founders, they will come up with a system that respects the traditions of their country and guarantees the rights of all their citizens," Bush said.
Our founders were the descendants of immigrants that gave up the "homeland" in the face of religious prosecution. They were dreadfully aware of the possibility of a quasi militant oppression promulgated by groups much like the "Christian-ista"

Apparently all this stress has left our poor struggling vacuum cleaner salesman quite weary. As he manages to further his unprecedented record for the most time off taken for vacations by any American president. But apparently he feels his coworkers will take up the slack. meanwhile the general manager of this branch of the corporation's head sales office attends the meeting of "GLOBAL BUSINESSMEN"!

"She(Sheehan) has said she plans to stay outside the president's vacation home until he either meets with her or returns to Washington."

*Fear not the agenda of canvasing (forgive the pun) the "GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD" is still being "worked over" by our vacuum cleaner salesman's work partner assigned to him by the manager of the "branch office's general manager of sales"!
More than 1,800 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq and thousands more wounded in a conflict with a price tag in the tens of billions of dollars.

As fresh violence raged across Iraq Wednesday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered 1,500 more US troops to the country to beef up security for the planned elections.

WAKE UP AMERICA the vacuum cleaner salesman has made it through the door and is in the living room and "ordering out for chinese food", using your phone and "HE" intends to pay for what "HE" eats with the blood of your sons and daughters!

It's all right there in the news.

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