Wednesday, August 24

I was joking, about things that are BY NO MEANS A JOKE!

I have not yet spoken with my friend from the UK that posted the second comment to my last post. Perhaps I should take her cue and stop hiding behind sarcasm and fictitious self cynicism. let me do so by immediately setting the record straight for her and all who follow.

Dear "paganuk":
You apparently misconstrue my sarcasm as my genuine outlook, hence missing my point altogether. We (you and I) are good friends, not always seeing eye too eye, however I feel we have good communication and a mutual respect for each other. Judging by your comment, it seems you have completely misinterpreted my last post. If you have, then surely others will as well in the future.

Before I explain in plain english my stand on the event of Pat Robertson's public threat of assaination of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, I would like to first qualify that although I have not educated myself to any degree on the man, (president Chavez). I at this point hold him in the highest esteem and feel he shares a common dream with all patriots of "TRUE" democracy, justice and human rights.

As you know (paganuk) I am not, nor will I ever be a Christian. I applaud the teachings of Christ. However the history I have been taught and my experiences have left me with the personal opinion that(particular) Christians can easily be the most overtly oppressive if not down right aggressive of their fellow man. I find it despicable when a person touts the word of God as their doctrine of conduct, yet displays traits nothing shy of pure opportunism. Twisting the
proverbial, spiritual "TRUTH" at will (sometimes too the two extreme ends of the spectrum in a single day) quite obviously for political and/or economic gain.

"In my opinion" both Pat Robertson and President George Bush are such creatures. To me this is glaringly evident in the case of George Bush with his adamant marketing of his so called Intelligent Design concept.

(forgive me for going from the sarcastic to the satirical, with the posting of the associated image to right) -------->

To the same degree that I laud America's constitution granting "Separation of church and State" I abhor the coalition of religion and politics. This is why I chose the picture of Pat Robertson in the previous post, because where is he in the picture? Is that in the "Holy land", is he at the "Church of the nativity" or the "Garden of Gethsemane" at the foot of the Mount of Olives? No, indeed not, it appears to me to be at a "Republican national convention".

"In my opinion" it is just as atrocious to hoble the progress of science in stem cell research "In the name of the Lord", while lying to the American citizenry and world's population at large as to the oblique excuse for bombing Iraq, as it is to evangelize before the masses while at the same time openly/publicly condone assaination!
"it is my understanding" that president George Bush has not once but many times, attended the gathering at Bohemian Grove where they burn an effigy in an annual pagan style ritual. Not that I have any issue with that what so ever. I take huge issue with the fact that he "markets" himself as a "man of the church". This guy doesn't know if he is coming or going, and hence my last post's title!

George Bush regularly equates war with religion. "In my opinion" he is an extremely religious man, yet his religion is money and power, any way he can get it. He, in his openly using third party countries such as Cuba, too harbour the people that he by direct order, has tortured is the Greatest threat too the American judicial system. "In my opinion" George Bush "IS" the greatest threat to the American way of life, too law and order, too all "TRUE" patriotism.

I demand the impeachment George Bush, and his subsequent (fair) trial by "an impartial jury of his peers". But this will not happen as he has managed to snivel his way into a relatively secure position. I say Snivel, because it seems the bulk of his appointments are to dubious characters. They have been done while Congress was in recess.
Let me get back too "my personal feelings" about Pat Robertson's condonement of the assaination of the honorable President Chavez! By all means Pat Robertson is the quintessential terrorist that is so pervasive in President Bush's rhettoric. President Bush directly orders the the torture of detainess and condones the illegal trial of them, when they do manage to get a trial at all.

Therefore "in my opinion" in the same Vein that the true American patriot Cindy Sheehan's words echo if you think the war in Iraq is so correct, then you go over there and fight... I say "If Bush demands the illegal detention and abuse of people at Guantanamo bay, then that is where we should send Pat Robertson"!

Pat Robertson has uniquivicably proved himself in direct defiance of what is, in America, held to be "law and order" in a manner fostering subversive anarchy!

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