Tuesday, August 23

Disclaimer number 1

This post is titled as such because I will, no doubt be making quite a few along the way.
I will begin with a little background information about myself.

The list above, may seem an incongruent, disjoined, and perhaps even bizarre collection of loosely associated facts. It is not.
I grew up in New England, as a matter of fact in the same town as Eldrige Gerry. I attended, as I have indicated an elementary school titled in his namesake.
Having had dropped out of High school and never attended college, I am, by contemporary American standards, extremely poorly educated. The bulk of my literary and political education is mostly due to my father and the sense of inquisitive curiosity he instilled in me as a young man. As a state registered "learning disabled student" my dyslexia (albeit quite mild) garnered me full scholarship to a local special ed. school. Even though my two years at that school were filled with more work and of a higher caliber of education than possibly available in a public school, it was at that time unaccredited, ie: not able to grant a High school diploma. The level of performance I was expected to maintain there meant I learned more in those two years than perhaps all my other public education combined. This coupled (perhaps) with the fact that I was, 1. the son of a very serious liberal, 2. grew up in the end of the Vietnam war era, 3. quite feisty and extremely rebellious, made my return to public school a major anticlimax to the amount of structure, individual attention and caliber of education that I realized at the special ed. school. So, disenchanted with public high school education, I consequently chose to drop out.
The rest of my life has been an education in it's self. Let's just call it your basic "experiential education". Some of my experience includes travelling across the north American continent by land alone, more times than I have fingers to count. A few of those traverses were done by hitchhiking. I have lived in five states. However, perhaps the single most influential travel experience I have had was in the early 80's, when my father took me on an almost three month tour through some of the eastern Mediterranean countries. We started in Cairo Egypt and flew back to the US. out of Istanbul Turkey.
I grew up in an America where patriotism was applaudable. Where even a relatively uneducated person had a fairly solid overview of his/her unassailable rights granted to them by the structure of government created for them by the so called "founding fathers", the men that had fought so hard and risked so much. Some of them became the group who were the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
When I was 19 or twenty years old I recall my mother talking to me on the telephone. She was in New England, I was then living in California. She had asked me if I was both registered and intending to vote in an upcoming election. I apparently had indicated contempt for the validity of both the process and the weight of my one vote. She, in her calm and typically diplomatic way, "went off" on me. She told me that if I were an American, if I considered myself a true patriot (which at the time I believed to be true beyond "a shadow of doubt")... then I "MUST" exercise my right to vote. she reiterated to me what was put at stake, what was risked, by some of my very own ancestors, for my "unassailable civil rights" as an American citizen. I have only missed voting in one presidential election since, this past one where in my opinion the choices were akin too being, between the "devil and his fraternity mate"!
Well perhaps because my mother passed away just a little over a month ago I am feeling fatalistic. Perhaps her passing has left me with a stronger sense of self, of family, of history and pride. Perhaps I am reacting in the opposite, I "don't give a hoot anymore" ? I don't think this is the case at all. Instead I believe that I am terrorized. I am afraid, and ashamed to be such. I am afraid of the very organization that I used to hold in such high esteem. The government that protected me. The government that assured me that I would always have not only the express freedom but "unassailable right" to voice my personal opinion !
To conclude, I hereby state that all that I say and within this web publication and expressed in print, is merely my personal opinion. Anything I say as a being a direct "fact", if called upon to do so, I am more than willing to back up with references and documents stating and proving them as such.
However for the most part what I have to say will be strictly of my personal opinion. It is my understanding that for me to say anything slanderous or libelous of anyone, especially the one particular federal politician I will no doubt have a lot to say about, is unacceptable, therefore I will refrain/restrain myself from doing so!
As well it is my understanding, that it is my "unassailable right" as a citizen of the (now defunct) Republic of the United States of America, to be able to voice my personal opinion, especially with regard to my elected (hurrumph) representation, not only at the local but especially at the federal level of government.
I have been very afraid to do so. When I see people being openly and admittedly incarcerated with no charges pressed against them, no legal representation and no overall "due process of law", I am afraid. I feel terrorized. I feel oppressed. I feel threatened. However in my spineless, typically sheep like, contemporary American manner, I feel a certain safety in "numbers". Among the citizen's of America whom I was so ashamed just a mere few months ago, I see a growing number that are willing to risk themselves, their families and estates in the face of a perceived vicious threat to what we as Americans hold dear and true. What we as the True patriotic Americans believe is worth fighting for. What we know to be worth preserving and now face the reality that the majority has let it go to seed, that it is beyond the point of preservation and rather one of restoration !

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