Monday, August 22

3 2 1.. lift off, we have lift off

That's what I recall hearing as a young boy. That phrase would strike wonder, excitement and adventure into the hearts of all young people.
Those were the days of the "golden era" of space exploration. The days of the massive Apollo rockets, the rockets that took man to the moon for the first time.
As a "webby" I am just a little tired of the classic test phrase of "Hello world". Besides, Hello world just doesn't do justice to the sense of wonder, anticipation and even down right anxiety I feel in the launching of this endeavor (blog).
Did I use the word "anxiety", that's right folks I did. Why would I be anxious about starting a simple 'blogspot" blog ? Well suffice it to say, that I had this same blog spot, under the same blog name/title for almost a full year, but I never really used it (and not at all the way I intended to then and now). I deleted the initial "free radical" blog within a week or two of our present president's reelection. Since this is my first post I will leave it at that, with the exception of saying you can read more about why I deleted the initial "free radical" and why the whole thing makes me anxious, in posts I intend to make under a category title of "disclaimers"

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