Thursday, August 25

My intentions

I really didn't want to get into composing lengthy expose's on "My personal opposition to the direction/degradation America has taken under the auspices of George bush"

In contrast I intended to merely make quick observations about the ridiculousness of what I am bombarded with in the little bits of news media I do actually partake in.

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Re: domestic and foreign policy:

Re: military conflict with China

Re: do I believe George Bush to be a maniacal "War Monger"

With out further adieu, let's take at today's news shall we?

the following was excerpted from only one page, of one news media publication.

*The vacuum cleaner salesman has his foot firmly wedged in the door jam of your front door demanding you listen too his faulty rhetoric about why you should buy his substandard, limited life product

"But I thought he told us over a year ago that we had WON THE WAR IN IRAQ"
"So long as I'm the president, we will stay, we will fight, and we will win the war on terror," said Bush, who announced that global campaign after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
(note the stage clue in the use of the phrase"GLOBAL CAMPAIGN")
*This potential customer seems neither adverse nor positive about the proverbial vacuum cleaner, but is not "sold" on the idea that it is going to have any ROI to speak of.
Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy said in reaction to Bush's speech, that more than "photo-ops and spin" are needed to win the Iraq war.
"(Bush) needs to realize what most Americans now understand that staying the course is not an option."

*The salesman sensing a "hard sell", subtly refers to the concept that his agenda has religious implications and benefits. Hey wait isn't that the same tactic used by the Islamic clerics to get their youth to propagate violence as well.. hmmm well "fighting fire with fire" I suppose... "hellfire and brimstone" in this case!

The president quoted her as saying "'I know that if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they believe is right for our country. And I guess you couldn't ask for a better way of life than giving it for something you believe in.'"

*the vacuum cleaner salesman diverts question as to the validity of his product, by insulting his competitor (who is actually his work partner) at the house across the street
"An immediate withdrawal of our troops in Iraq or the broader Middle East, as some have called for, would only embolden the terrorists and create a staging ground to launch more attacks against America and free nations," he told an audience mostly made up of Idaho National Guard members.
* no further mention in the media of why Pat Robertson is not immediately imprisoned on the "Patriot act" as a public, domestic terrorist.

* the vacuum cleaner salesman vies for more time to proliferate his sales propaganda.
Bush also urged Americans to be patient as Iraqis vie to draft a new constitution.
*Where is the "salesman's" draft for months over due "MANDATED" exit plans? (there are none folks were headed for Iran right next door next)

*On this "I the audience member agrees" with the president.. however
"Producing a constitution is a difficult process. It involves a lot of debate and compromise. We know that from our own history," Bush said.
If democracy hinges on open debate and dialog, why does the proverbial salesman constantly squelch freedom of press and appoint high (military cabinet)officials(with no military background, yet exhaustive big business, mostly defense contracting resume's) while congress is in recess?,

*following is just pure hypocrisy of the most simple design. In WWII, the effectiveness of the Japanese dive bombers was largely due to their tactic of "attack from out of the sun". When I was a young boy I learned of this piece of war history. I had stolen a 35 cent package of chocolate chip cookies from a local sub shop. I was caught and subsequently "baned" from that eatery for a month and grounded for a week. Taking on the same tactic as the vacuum cleaner salesman, I hide in the sun. I spent the rest of the summer signing off (using a fictitious account#) lunches of double BLT sandwiches, large fries and a strawberry shake, at the near by yacht clubs. No I was never caught for that activity!
"Iraqis are now at the beginning of a long process, and like our founders, they're grappling with difficult issues, such as the role of the federal government," he said.
Our founders were dreadfully afraid of a totalitarian federal government and hence the incorporation of the now defunct principals of a republic of independent states under the commonwealth of a federal government
"They're arguing about the proper place of religion in the life of their nation. And like our founders, they will come up with a system that respects the traditions of their country and guarantees the rights of all their citizens," Bush said.
Our founders were the descendants of immigrants that gave up the "homeland" in the face of religious prosecution. They were dreadfully aware of the possibility of a quasi militant oppression promulgated by groups much like the "Christian-ista"

Apparently all this stress has left our poor struggling vacuum cleaner salesman quite weary. As he manages to further his unprecedented record for the most time off taken for vacations by any American president. But apparently he feels his coworkers will take up the slack. meanwhile the general manager of this branch of the corporation's head sales office attends the meeting of "GLOBAL BUSINESSMEN"!

"She(Sheehan) has said she plans to stay outside the president's vacation home until he either meets with her or returns to Washington."

*Fear not the agenda of canvasing (forgive the pun) the "GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD" is still being "worked over" by our vacuum cleaner salesman's work partner assigned to him by the manager of the "branch office's general manager of sales"!
More than 1,800 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq and thousands more wounded in a conflict with a price tag in the tens of billions of dollars.

As fresh violence raged across Iraq Wednesday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered 1,500 more US troops to the country to beef up security for the planned elections.

WAKE UP AMERICA the vacuum cleaner salesman has made it through the door and is in the living room and "ordering out for chinese food", using your phone and "HE" intends to pay for what "HE" eats with the blood of your sons and daughters!

It's all right there in the news.

Wednesday, August 24

I was joking, about things that are BY NO MEANS A JOKE!

I have not yet spoken with my friend from the UK that posted the second comment to my last post. Perhaps I should take her cue and stop hiding behind sarcasm and fictitious self cynicism. let me do so by immediately setting the record straight for her and all who follow.

Dear "paganuk":
You apparently misconstrue my sarcasm as my genuine outlook, hence missing my point altogether. We (you and I) are good friends, not always seeing eye too eye, however I feel we have good communication and a mutual respect for each other. Judging by your comment, it seems you have completely misinterpreted my last post. If you have, then surely others will as well in the future.

Before I explain in plain english my stand on the event of Pat Robertson's public threat of assaination of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, I would like to first qualify that although I have not educated myself to any degree on the man, (president Chavez). I at this point hold him in the highest esteem and feel he shares a common dream with all patriots of "TRUE" democracy, justice and human rights.

As you know (paganuk) I am not, nor will I ever be a Christian. I applaud the teachings of Christ. However the history I have been taught and my experiences have left me with the personal opinion that(particular) Christians can easily be the most overtly oppressive if not down right aggressive of their fellow man. I find it despicable when a person touts the word of God as their doctrine of conduct, yet displays traits nothing shy of pure opportunism. Twisting the
proverbial, spiritual "TRUTH" at will (sometimes too the two extreme ends of the spectrum in a single day) quite obviously for political and/or economic gain.

"In my opinion" both Pat Robertson and President George Bush are such creatures. To me this is glaringly evident in the case of George Bush with his adamant marketing of his so called Intelligent Design concept.

(forgive me for going from the sarcastic to the satirical, with the posting of the associated image to right) -------->

To the same degree that I laud America's constitution granting "Separation of church and State" I abhor the coalition of religion and politics. This is why I chose the picture of Pat Robertson in the previous post, because where is he in the picture? Is that in the "Holy land", is he at the "Church of the nativity" or the "Garden of Gethsemane" at the foot of the Mount of Olives? No, indeed not, it appears to me to be at a "Republican national convention".

"In my opinion" it is just as atrocious to hoble the progress of science in stem cell research "In the name of the Lord", while lying to the American citizenry and world's population at large as to the oblique excuse for bombing Iraq, as it is to evangelize before the masses while at the same time openly/publicly condone assaination!
"it is my understanding" that president George Bush has not once but many times, attended the gathering at Bohemian Grove where they burn an effigy in an annual pagan style ritual. Not that I have any issue with that what so ever. I take huge issue with the fact that he "markets" himself as a "man of the church". This guy doesn't know if he is coming or going, and hence my last post's title!

George Bush regularly equates war with religion. "In my opinion" he is an extremely religious man, yet his religion is money and power, any way he can get it. He, in his openly using third party countries such as Cuba, too harbour the people that he by direct order, has tortured is the Greatest threat too the American judicial system. "In my opinion" George Bush "IS" the greatest threat to the American way of life, too law and order, too all "TRUE" patriotism.

I demand the impeachment George Bush, and his subsequent (fair) trial by "an impartial jury of his peers". But this will not happen as he has managed to snivel his way into a relatively secure position. I say Snivel, because it seems the bulk of his appointments are to dubious characters. They have been done while Congress was in recess.
Let me get back too "my personal feelings" about Pat Robertson's condonement of the assaination of the honorable President Chavez! By all means Pat Robertson is the quintessential terrorist that is so pervasive in President Bush's rhettoric. President Bush directly orders the the torture of detainess and condones the illegal trial of them, when they do manage to get a trial at all.

Therefore "in my opinion" in the same Vein that the true American patriot Cindy Sheehan's words echo if you think the war in Iraq is so correct, then you go over there and fight... I say "If Bush demands the illegal detention and abuse of people at Guantanamo bay, then that is where we should send Pat Robertson"!

Pat Robertson has uniquivicably proved himself in direct defiance of what is, in America, held to be "law and order" in a manner fostering subversive anarchy!

Tuesday, August 23

What a two faced, self serving president

I Demand Justice.
I demand of you "George Bush" our president,
that this man "Pat Robertson" be incarcerated.
I demand of you Mr. President, that you treat this man the same way you have treated the men, women and children at Guantanamo bay!
I Demand that "Pat Robertson" be incarcerated at Guantanamo bay,
I Demand that he be held "NOW"!
Held with no charges, no lawyer, and beaten.
Beaten like the rest of the Guantanamo bay prisoners.
This man is not a suspect!


What's the matter Mr. President? no huevos?
If this man is not incarcerated, beaten and tortured it just proves that we are going limp. That we are loosing the er (hurrumph) "WAR ON TERRORISM"! You told me we must be resolute and rout out terrorists wherever they may be. This is scaring me Mr. President, this man Robertson has infiltrated our borders.
I demand Justice be served. I want him to have his captors, face less, unaccountable CIA agents, strip pages out of the King James version of the bible and have them defecate on them before his very eyes as they interrogate him. This is what you have done to many innocent country men, commoners from Iraq !

Oh I am sorry how unpatriotic of me. I apologize Mr. President, for expressing such a harsh, emotional and angry response. I know Mr. president you are acting always in my best behalf because I am not very bright. There is always bigger factors going on than my poorly educated mind could fathom.
I realize that this man Chevez is really, really terrible. That even though he is the elected president of a democratic nation, that it could not be by a just cause that he come to be such. Why how could it be? He is the president of the worlds fifth largest producer of oil. Oil that you import and make a profit from. Oil that you want to take from him with military force.
Mr. President I am not to bright, but I understand that as we speak the CIA is in Venezuela fomenting a civil war. I am sure that there is a lot more than meets the eye than the simplistic facts.
I sure am glad that you are so much smarter than me and that you are fighting so hard to protect the American way of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I am so glad that you are so honest and have such integrity.
All "HIEL" (I mean hail) Bush and the fourth "Reich" (I mean the moral right).
by the way Mr. president I learned a new word today aren't you proud of me ? Perhaps one day I may even have the intelligence and education understand why you aren't elected "DICTATOR"!

I will make this brief:

When hurricane Iniki hit the Hawaiian island of kaua'i, it was a terrible thing yes, however it was one of the best things that ever happened in the 90's to hawai'i's economy. That is when I dreamed up this economic model for which I have been told I am bonkers.
We (the US) are a military industrial complex. No matter how you cut it. Just like the micro version, hawai'i is a tourist economy. If you live and work in hawai'i you are in a tourist industry. Carpenters build hotels, and airports etc.
Since America is inexorably a war economy, why don't we wage war on America ?
Why don't we do well planned evacuations of a major city. Utilize FEMA and the Civil defence to do so in an orderly manner. Then go in with "smart bombs" and destroy with our military's "surgical precision" the antiquated and dilapidated infrastructures, saving the newly constructed ones.
(*note about the military's "surgical precision", remember early in the Iraqi war how some couple thousand Iraqi insurgents, "escaped under cover of darkness", wake up America, your being feed lies)

After the bombing of the target city, we go back in and rebuild. Carpenters, plumbers, tradesman of all walks would flood in. When the work dried up, "whoop, whoop" onto the next city. We build bombs as usual, we drop them (as usual) and clear the shelves of aging ordinance and the economy thrives !
When I was awoken by my dear sweet aunty that ill fated morning of 9/11, I thought she was suffering from the "war of the worlds" syndrome, that she was watching a fictional late night movie, and believed it to be true.
When I realized it was indeed true, my heart sank lower than it had ever dropped before. I will never forget, minutes after the second plane, hit the second tower, muttering, "I knew it was a good idea, I just didn't think that "they" could be so selfish". I didn't think that Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney would be so bold, so selfish" !
Certainly that is just my opinion. But now we are being told by Rumsfeld that we will be in Iraq for at least a decade more. Bush says "we wont leave until there is stability in the region", when there hasn't been in over 2000 yrs. All the while Cheney's Haliburton corp. is raping billions of dollars from the American public, but it's ok, it is politely termed "uncontested defense contracts". And lying in the wings, Bush senior watches as his son desecrates the constitution and the bill of rights, and laughs. Can you say "read my lips" and "new world order" !
But of course this is all my opinion, which now I am forbidden too express. Which now, for voicing I can under the (ha hummph) fascist, oops I mean "patriot act"
(the founding fathers no doubt are rolling in their graves)
be put in prison for. Incarcerated, not arrested though. because arrested implies that charges are made. In turn "charges" imply that I will have rights, get legal representation, a swift and speedy trial with a jury of my peers, and IF found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, given the right to appeal. Not anymore folks !
The constitution is a worthless document that you might as well wipe you back side with and flush down the drain.
Up untill, 9 11 2002 I was the quintessential patriot !
I believed in the constitution and the rights it granted not only me but all who stood on American soil. Those rights are gone !
Something I have feared in this development of the "new world order", was seeing the terrible benchmark of the first innocent American being shot by his/ her own tax supported military's guns. It hasn't happened yet.....
(let's just forget about "kent state university" shall we)
But it has happened recently in England !
Let's overlook as well the fact that 88 people died in the London bombings...
(at exactly the same time as the British counter terrorist task force was in the same mass transit system, running anti terrorist drills)
yet in the year 1988 over 13,000 people died on her Queen's highways.
Did bush intend to invade Iraq before 9/11 ?
Wake up America !
Does he intend to invade other oil rich middle eastern countries ?
Wake up America !
Are you free to speak out about it anymore ?
The "new world order" is not about nationalism, it's about "globalism"
The Bush administration recently forbid Westinghouse corp.
(sorry not owned by Dick Cheney)
from bringing/selling nuclear power plant technologies to the Chinese.
Like they care ? Once the worlds largest most efficient manufacturing society/ culture has realized the enormous power that will come from the multiple, mega sized hydro electric power plants provided by the "yellow river project" they will be a force that will completely dwarf that of the United States. Yet the "patriotic Americans" will still think they can "bomb those gooks" as well.
Wake up America, see George Bush for what he is!
Fact: an AWOL recovering alcoholic with a propensity for cocaine, that has made a career of forming large oil corporations, collapsing them and walking with the investors goodies.
Where is this man that the United States CIA, under the direction of our present presidents father, trained, > "Osama Bin Laden" ?
I have a hunch he is right now, playing shuffle board, sipping mint juleps, with a fresh shave, on a very secure ranch in Texas !
Are there real terrorists threatening the American way of life?
A way of life that constitutionally guarantee "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". A way of life that guarantees "freedom of speech" and the "due process of law"?
You better believe it !
And they were voted (illegitimately) into office, and supported whole heartedly by the majority of Americans.
America is a "majority rules" system, obviously Americans are into fascism. So folks, it's "America, love it or leave it", so get with it. Condone the torcher of innocent people against Geneva convention !
Get with it, condone the unlawful detention of your fellow citizenry, because it is not at all "unlawful" anymore. This is what the majority wants, if you don't, you are not a patriot !

If only I thought he would read it...

Dear mr Bush:
You disgust me. You have lied to me, yet you persist in talking about honesty and integrity. You have conducted yourself (in my humble opinion) like a cheap two bit thief. It is as if you think that you can take from me on Sunday and try to sell me my own goods back on Wednesday. You told me openly that "the war in Iraq had been won". Now you keep saying that we (American tax payers) will be there in Iraq untill we have completed our mission.
Mr president, are you coming or going ?
You told me there was conclusive, factual proof that there were weapons of mass destruction being harbored in Iraq. None were found !
You told me that Saddam Hussein was directly implicated as being a supporter and involved with Osama bin Laden. Neither here nor there, but did not the CIA train Osama bin laden as an ally in the fighting in northern Afgahnastan ? Never mind that was simply a rhetorical question.
Mr president you talk about supporting our troops in this (oh so lucrative) time of war yet.. did you or did you not go "absent without leave" from the military during your time served ? it is rather difficult to read the print underneath the black magic marker on the reports held by the military.
Mr president you often talk about preserving the American way of life and the exercising of patriotism. I freely admit that I am a poorly educated person. However It is my understanding that one of the things that sets America apart from even other democratic nations is our Justice system. A system where a person is guaranteed certain rights. It was my understanding that shy of the relatively minor incidence of a person being held for 24 hours under protective custody, that a person could not be held unless arrested, could not be arrested unless charges were pressed. That if a person was charged, apprehended and taken into custody, that they are granted what I was taught in Junior high school something that was called "due process of law". That meant that they had a right to legal representation and if they could not afford a legal representative that the state would provide one. Once at trial the defendant would be "innocent until proven guilty" (beyond a shadow of a doubt) by a jury of his/her peers. Mr. president is this incorrect, was I taught incorrectly in junior high school or do you suppose that I was "left behind"?
I have asked this question of people around me. I have listened for answers to it in the media, yet none have come anywhere close to satisfying my ponder. I have been told that, for example, the more than 500 people that you have held captive at Guantanamo bay Cuba are very very mean, nasty, ugly people. That they are so nasty in fact that they not only don't deserve to be tried as Americans (by Americans) under American judicial system rights and protocol, but that they are such a threat that they don't even deserve to get treatment garrunteed under the "Geneva convention".
Mr president since you figure I am not so bright, maybe you could explain to me in very simplistic terms why. Why do they not get to be treated in a patriotic American way ? Why do they get held/incarcerated with no "due process of law"? Why do they, if not civil detainees but rather military detainees, not get treated under Geneva convention guidelines ? I have been told that to try them openly/publicly that it would mean a threat to national security. I have a theory Mr. president that is that if instead of torturing them (for over two years now) if we treated them nicely that if indeed they had any information on Osama Bin Laden, that maybe they would slip up, and well you know "loose lips sink ships". It is Possible you know ! I mean hey look the US military, early on in the war in Iraq, had Osama bin Laden cornered. Along with Gads of other really bad bad men, but they were so sneaky that they evaded satellite surveillance, night vision, infrared detection and who knows what other high technologies. Isn't that correct sir?
Well any way let's get back to Guantanamo bay shall we? I am really unclear on what is going on there. Now Isn't Guantanamo in Cuba? Isn't Cuba under the ruthless rule of that other really, really bad guy Fidel Castro? If he is so mean, and we have been penalizing him with embargoes and other political pressures for thirty plus years, isn't that funny that we torture those Iraqi's right in his front yard ? Why do we give him the business? Certainly the US military spreads some of our money around in Cuba contracting for certain odds and ends needed to support the guys that we have there torturing the other really, really bad guys, don't we? Well any way it suddenly occurred to me Mr president that maybe treating certain really bad guys nicely untill they slip up and "spill some beans" as it were, just might work. And since I, we the American people, seem to be to lame to tell the truth too, and since any "supposed" terrorist if he did talk openly, let's say in the case of testifying in a bona fide court of law, could pose a serious threat to National security... hey am I on to something here ? Hey you guys aren't perhaps harboring and treating quite nicely that guy Osama are yah ? that would be brilliant ! I get it now. You let him hang out somewhere cozy, feed him Angus steaks and imported beer and low and behold, one of these days he'll slip up and say something stupid huh? like tell you where some other bigger badder, meaner nastier guys are staying? Man if that is the case.. that is just a brilliant plan, like reverse psychology at it's best.
Any way, I was getting way off on a tangent, let me get back to the simple things. I was asking about things regarding our protecting our American way of life. A way of life exemplified by a remarkable justice system. Could you tell me Mr. president why the Italian government have warrants out for the arrest of thirteen CIA agents who illegally broke into an Italian jail and dragged off some already incarcerated terrorist suspects? Was that something to do with a foreign relations policy? Did you think that the Italians might botch things up and give them a fair trial under due process of law. In which case they may have said things way over there in Italy during their respectable/legal trial, that would lead to an American security threat ?
Mr President, I am sorry and I apologize, because the more questions I ask, the more confused I get. I began this letter quite angry, however know I understand better just how immense and confusing it must be for you trying to juggle all these factors. Well at least your doing some things right. I mean to say you have hired some really smart men. Men like your self that can juggle a lot of seemingly difficult things all at the same time. That was a great choice getting Mr. Dick Cheney to be your vice president. Why I just don't understand how he can do it, you know, be the head of Haliburton corporation (remember them the huge mega corp. that gets huge defence contracts uncontested).
Hey I just found this interesting little thing that I didn't know about, I read this on the internet it was right there at the White house web site. it says there that
"Mr. Cheney also served a crucial role when America needed him most. As Secretary of Defense from March 1989 to January 1993, Mr. Cheney directed two of the largest military campaigns in recent history - Operation "Just Cause" in Panama and Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East. He was responsible for shaping the future of the U.S. military in an age of profound and rapid change as the Cold War ended. For his leadership in the Gulf War, Secretary Cheney was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George Bush on July 3, 1991"
Mr. president right there on the last line it says that Mr. Cheney, as secretary of the defense, "was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George Bush" But you weren't in office then. So Obviously they are talking about your father George Sr. Did he come up with the idea and teach you, that if you hire a guy to be the secretary of defence, and also the head of a huge defence contractor at the same time, that he will know how to save us lots and lots of money because he plays, er ah excuse me I meant to say, sees both sides of the story?
I noticed that just last week you appointed Mr. England to be Secretary of the Navy. Same thing I guess huh? Hire a guy that has virtually no real experience in Navel command. England however, has been the head of a huge defence contractor for years. That makes sense who better then to know where "the money flows"?
Mr. President I could go one and on, but I will leave that for other posts. I am just glad that you are so brilliant and find this private sector mega millionaire business men to run these departments and agencies. The must be saving us the american tax payers loads of money with their powerful business accumen.
Well I have to get going now Mr. President. But I know I will plenty more questions for you. Ever day that I read the news papers you have done something witty and smart, like appointing these frien... er ah, assciates to head up these agencies.
So I will keep you posted Mr. President.
(of my questions as they come along).
ps: this guy you appointed to head up the airforce, he seems really solid as well. I am sorry I called you a liar and compared you to a two bit thief, obviously I was wrong.

why, and what are my objectives ?



1a. I have been, for a long time now battling a dichotomy. I call myself a patriot one day and the next I say I am going to expatriate. I talk with utter disgust of the rapid trend towards America being an imperialistic, "military industrial complex", ruled by fascist big business leaders and fueled by ranks of oppressed, obedient yet self righteous sheep with no civil rights what so ever.
I should do as I have always said, "love it or leave it". I am not entirely prepared, emotionally, too "throw in the towel" as it were. I don't think I will ever see in my life time, a regaining of the respect that once was exhibited for Americans by people of foreign nations. However, I have not really done much as an individual to try to stop the tyranny. So I will make a start and a "last ditch effort" before I bail.

2a. I want my government and the people around me to know, that after having had visited the middle east, having had seen violence and oppression in other places, that I in my humble opinion, whole heartedly believe that, yes there are terrorists in the world. However the terrorists that have done the greatest damage to the American civil rights and liberties are not from foreign soils. I am not "buying" the hype and propaganda that foreign born, Islamic fundamentalists pose any real threat to America at this point in time. I do believe it may come to that, as the United States federal government is "allowed" by it's mute citizenry to foment violence and civil unrest not just in the middle east but Africa, South America and South east Asia.
I believe the people "accused" of being on a "Jihad" or religious war are not, but are being literally forced into it by a small group of Americans. A group of Americans who are on a Jihad and their religion is money and power, which is, in their opinion to be had at all costs including the desecration of their own nation.
(more on that later when we get into globalism and "the new world order")!

3a. I do (want to) believe that those that don't see, at this time "the wood from the tree", can be enlightened as to the idea that they are being lead down "the prim rose path" lined with lies and deceit. As well that they can be swayed to understand that at a certain point there will be a threshold reached. The threshold will be momentous because at the same time that they realize that they have been "duped" by a totalitarian leadership with no honesty and no true loyalty to it's citizens, er excuse me "subjects", there will be no where to go to avoid it's evil grip as it will either be fomenting wars so terrible as to make life inhospitable in those areas, or they will have already "wrapped it up" under their totalitarian fascist might.

4a. As my mother said to me years ago "way too many lives were offered to the chopping block, to many farms and estates, too many families and realized freedoms risked, for my RIGHT to fight. My RIGHT to speak my mind against what I construe as a serious threat to my "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" and what was once held dear as an American way of life. I owe it to my ancestry to speak out vehemently AT THE LEAST, before I throw in the towel and expatriate. Which I fear I may not be allowed to do. In the short years ahead I fear I, and other disheartened Americans will become prisoners. Prisoners with no rights of free travel within or outside of the country. No civil rights within the country. Held as captives by a fascist regime that offers no "due process of law"!

5a. I might as well "speak now or forever hold my peace", for the time is upon us. Upon me and my fellow patriots and countrymen. The time is nigh, soon we not only, will we not have the "right" to speak our minds freely but we will be persecuted with no "due process of law" for so doing!

Disclaimer number 1

This post is titled as such because I will, no doubt be making quite a few along the way.
I will begin with a little background information about myself.

The list above, may seem an incongruent, disjoined, and perhaps even bizarre collection of loosely associated facts. It is not.
I grew up in New England, as a matter of fact in the same town as Eldrige Gerry. I attended, as I have indicated an elementary school titled in his namesake.
Having had dropped out of High school and never attended college, I am, by contemporary American standards, extremely poorly educated. The bulk of my literary and political education is mostly due to my father and the sense of inquisitive curiosity he instilled in me as a young man. As a state registered "learning disabled student" my dyslexia (albeit quite mild) garnered me full scholarship to a local special ed. school. Even though my two years at that school were filled with more work and of a higher caliber of education than possibly available in a public school, it was at that time unaccredited, ie: not able to grant a High school diploma. The level of performance I was expected to maintain there meant I learned more in those two years than perhaps all my other public education combined. This coupled (perhaps) with the fact that I was, 1. the son of a very serious liberal, 2. grew up in the end of the Vietnam war era, 3. quite feisty and extremely rebellious, made my return to public school a major anticlimax to the amount of structure, individual attention and caliber of education that I realized at the special ed. school. So, disenchanted with public high school education, I consequently chose to drop out.
The rest of my life has been an education in it's self. Let's just call it your basic "experiential education". Some of my experience includes travelling across the north American continent by land alone, more times than I have fingers to count. A few of those traverses were done by hitchhiking. I have lived in five states. However, perhaps the single most influential travel experience I have had was in the early 80's, when my father took me on an almost three month tour through some of the eastern Mediterranean countries. We started in Cairo Egypt and flew back to the US. out of Istanbul Turkey.
I grew up in an America where patriotism was applaudable. Where even a relatively uneducated person had a fairly solid overview of his/her unassailable rights granted to them by the structure of government created for them by the so called "founding fathers", the men that had fought so hard and risked so much. Some of them became the group who were the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
When I was 19 or twenty years old I recall my mother talking to me on the telephone. She was in New England, I was then living in California. She had asked me if I was both registered and intending to vote in an upcoming election. I apparently had indicated contempt for the validity of both the process and the weight of my one vote. She, in her calm and typically diplomatic way, "went off" on me. She told me that if I were an American, if I considered myself a true patriot (which at the time I believed to be true beyond "a shadow of doubt")... then I "MUST" exercise my right to vote. she reiterated to me what was put at stake, what was risked, by some of my very own ancestors, for my "unassailable civil rights" as an American citizen. I have only missed voting in one presidential election since, this past one where in my opinion the choices were akin too being, between the "devil and his fraternity mate"!
Well perhaps because my mother passed away just a little over a month ago I am feeling fatalistic. Perhaps her passing has left me with a stronger sense of self, of family, of history and pride. Perhaps I am reacting in the opposite, I "don't give a hoot anymore" ? I don't think this is the case at all. Instead I believe that I am terrorized. I am afraid, and ashamed to be such. I am afraid of the very organization that I used to hold in such high esteem. The government that protected me. The government that assured me that I would always have not only the express freedom but "unassailable right" to voice my personal opinion !
To conclude, I hereby state that all that I say and within this web publication and expressed in print, is merely my personal opinion. Anything I say as a being a direct "fact", if called upon to do so, I am more than willing to back up with references and documents stating and proving them as such.
However for the most part what I have to say will be strictly of my personal opinion. It is my understanding that for me to say anything slanderous or libelous of anyone, especially the one particular federal politician I will no doubt have a lot to say about, is unacceptable, therefore I will refrain/restrain myself from doing so!
As well it is my understanding, that it is my "unassailable right" as a citizen of the (now defunct) Republic of the United States of America, to be able to voice my personal opinion, especially with regard to my elected (hurrumph) representation, not only at the local but especially at the federal level of government.
I have been very afraid to do so. When I see people being openly and admittedly incarcerated with no charges pressed against them, no legal representation and no overall "due process of law", I am afraid. I feel terrorized. I feel oppressed. I feel threatened. However in my spineless, typically sheep like, contemporary American manner, I feel a certain safety in "numbers". Among the citizen's of America whom I was so ashamed just a mere few months ago, I see a growing number that are willing to risk themselves, their families and estates in the face of a perceived vicious threat to what we as Americans hold dear and true. What we as the True patriotic Americans believe is worth fighting for. What we know to be worth preserving and now face the reality that the majority has let it go to seed, that it is beyond the point of preservation and rather one of restoration !

Monday, August 22

3 2 1.. lift off, we have lift off

That's what I recall hearing as a young boy. That phrase would strike wonder, excitement and adventure into the hearts of all young people.
Those were the days of the "golden era" of space exploration. The days of the massive Apollo rockets, the rockets that took man to the moon for the first time.
As a "webby" I am just a little tired of the classic test phrase of "Hello world". Besides, Hello world just doesn't do justice to the sense of wonder, anticipation and even down right anxiety I feel in the launching of this endeavor (blog).
Did I use the word "anxiety", that's right folks I did. Why would I be anxious about starting a simple 'blogspot" blog ? Well suffice it to say, that I had this same blog spot, under the same blog name/title for almost a full year, but I never really used it (and not at all the way I intended to then and now). I deleted the initial "free radical" blog within a week or two of our present president's reelection. Since this is my first post I will leave it at that, with the exception of saying you can read more about why I deleted the initial "free radical" and why the whole thing makes me anxious, in posts I intend to make under a category title of "disclaimers"

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