Thursday, June 29

No solid answers from the Liars...

To the young man that sent me the link,
I responded with:
"did you actually ever, for a moment,
think 9-11 was perpetrated by a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists ?"

This is an eye opener!

I said
(less than 10 minutes after watching the first news video loop a few times) ...

"oh my God they actually did it! I believe they had the balls, I just can't believe they are so selfish as to blame a nation and kill civilians all for the benefit of maybe a few score of American Businessmen"

Wednesday, June 21

The utter destruction of the "Republic" !

The fed, sues a state ?

The U.S. government has sued the New Jersey Attorney General's office on grounds of security concerns to prevent it from asking telephone companies if they gave customer call records to the National Security Agency.

The Department of Justice wants to stop the disclosure of confidential and sensitive information, according to the lawsuit filed in Trenton, NJ, on Wednesday, a day before phone companies were due to reply to subpoenas issued by the New Jersey attorney general.

Thursday, May 11

A United States intelligence agency has been collecting data on...

...millions of Americans, a report in USA Today has alleged.

"Our intelligence activities strictly target al-Qaeda and their known affiliates," Bush said in a brief White House.
"The privacy of ordinary Americans is fiercely protected," he said, adding: "We are not mining or trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans."

Why does that sooo sound like someone talking backwards, out the side of their mouth or however you choose to say it...
"Total BS artist"!

Senator Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat on the Senate judiciary committee, reacted with anger to the report, brandishing the newspaper in committee meeting.

"We need to know what our government is doing to spy upon Americans," Senator Leahy said.

But of course...

Republican senators suggested Mr Leahy was over-reacting.

Tuesday, April 18

Cheney Stumps for GOP Candidates in Wash.

All this administration can talk about is war, war, war...

During a 17-minute speech inside a giant hanger at Fairchild, Cheney thanked about 500 airmen for their sacrifices in the war in

"The war on terror is a battle for the future of civilization," Cheney said. "It's a battle we are going to win."

Cheney's speech at the base did not deviate much from standard Bush administration defense of the war, saying the terrorist acts of Sept. 11 required a strong U.S. response, and defending the Patriot Act and related measures as essential to the fight.

All the while, there has been no ties to AlQueda ...
So who did drop the trade Centers ?
It could not have been Americans...
Or could it have been ?

Bush's New Chief of Staff Signals Shake-Up...

Geez why does the President need a "new" chief of staff midterm anyway ... Huh doh !

Maybe because he goes for council the likes of that blunerhead lawyer he had as a councilor that got busted ripping off "Target" stores in petty credit card scams lol

George Ryan, the former governor of the US state of Illinois, has been found guilty of racketeering...

How suprising, Ryan is a Republican. Not that there aren't corrupt Dem's as well, but it sure seems to be a banner year for busting Republicans.
Yah have to love this BS statement though 'eh...

FBI investigator Robert Grant said...
"I hope this case begins the end of political prostitution that seems to have been evident in the state of Illinois, and begins a resurrection of honest government and services...
...the verdict emphasized that no-one was above the law." he said

Give me a break, if there was even a glimmer of reality to that, then Pat Robertson would be incarcerated and tortured at Guantanamo bay and Bush would be making liscence plates by himself in solitary confinement at Altamount (doing three life terms)!

George Bush is bound and determined to Nuke Iran... all because they insist on developing a civilian nuclear power program.
I am sorry that too me, just smacks of not only pure hyprocrisy but down right lunacy. It is in my opinion, the same as if someone said ... "I am a leader of peace and compassion, so since you used profainity directed at me, I am going to cut off your head, and stick a grenade down your neck, to prove to you how terrible violence is" !

Ah but think of the money$ that Cheney and Bush can make if they Nuke Iran !

Sunday, April 16

Donald Rumsfeld should quit !

Yeah but fat chance:
he and his bed mates Cheney and Bush won't have it.

Ex-Nato commander Gen Wesley Clark said in a television interview: "I believe secretary Rumsfeld hasn't done an adequate job. He should go."
Gen Clark said he believed Mr Rumsfeld, along with Vice-President Dick (Haliburton) Cheney, had helped push the Iraq invasion...
when there was "no connection with the war on terror".

Maybe they did so because the "war on terror" is just as fictional as the "war on drugs" and the "cold war" ?

In a radio interview Gen Riggs, a former division commander, said Mr Rumsfeld fostered an atmosphere of "arrogance" among the Pentagon's top civilian leadership.

Just a few notes about the Illustrious Mr. Rumsfeld:

1).Donald Henry Rumsfeld (born July 9, 1932) is currently serving as the 21st United States Secretary of Defense, since January 20, 2001, under President George W. Bush. He is the oldest person to have held that position, and was also the youngest when he served as the 13th Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under President Gerald Ford.

2).n August 1974, he was called back to Washington, DC, to serve in the Ford Administration successively as Chairman of the transition to the Presidency of Gerald R. Ford (1974); White House Chief of Staff and member of the President's Cabinet (1974-1975); and the 13th U.S. Secretary of Defense (1975-1977). During this period he oversaw the transition to an all volunteer military and was instrumental in increasing the power of the military within the administration and at the expense of the CIA and Henry Kissinger. This was accomplished by promulgating the view that the Soviet Union was increasing defense spending and pursuing secret weapons programs, and that the proper response was a re-escalation of the arms race. Some say that this view was in direct contrast to CIA and generally accepted reports on the declining state of the Soviet economy, and the earlier success of Richard Nixon in establishing Detente (referring to a thawing of the Cold War) with the Soviet Union.

3).As part of the Ford administration, Rumsfeld helped formulate the White House response to the death of CIA scientist Frank Olson.
3-a).His family (frank Olson) had no idea of the details of the accident until the Rockefeller Commission started uncovering some of the CIA's MKULTRA activities. In 1975, the government admitted that Olson had been unwittingly dosed with LSD. White House staffers Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney arranged for President Gerald Ford to meet with the Olson family and personally apologize on behalf of the United States government. The government offered them an out of court settlement, which they accepted.

The following taken from wikipedia:

Frank Olson's son Eric does not accept the government's explanation, and he has devoted his life to researching the circumstances of his father's death. Eric Olson believes that his father was murdered by United States government agents after he began developing reservations about his work and attempted to resign. Retired Army intelligence agent Norman G. Cournoyer, one of Olson's closest friends at Fort Detrick, also denies that Olson committed suicide, relating that Olson openly expressed grave reservations about whether the United States should be developing biological weapons. Another retired colleague from the Fort Detrick biological warfare division, William P. Walter, concurs. He relates that at the time of Olson's death, his colleagues were divided on the question of whether he committed suicide or was killed.

In 1994, Eric Olson had his father's body exhumed. The forensic scientist in charge of the examination, Professor James E. Starrs of the George Washington University, determined that Olson had suffered some form of blunt force trauma prior to falling out of the window, and called the evidence "rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide". Based on his findings, the Manhattan district attorney opened a homicide investigation into Olson's death in 1996 but was unable to find enough evidence to bring charges.

Pope calls for end to Iran crisis...

The pope in his call for a peaceful negotiation, should know better.
He is either ignoring facts or is pipe dreaming. He sewems to forget who he is addressing!

Fat chance.
Not as long as the maniacal (commander and chief) President of the United States is in power.
George Bush (in his infinite wisdom, Harrumph)... Is a do'er, not a talker.
What does he do ?
He bombs anything that moves, given a chance !
Why you ask ?
Money, Money, Money,
It's all about money, it's about oil and defence contracts. Just ask Mr. "there's no business like no bidness" Cheney.
Who is Cheney ?
Well he was G'dubyah's dad's "Secretary of Defence"

Why does'nt George Bush talk, nogotiate and act like a civil leader?
Oh but he does. He talks about fundamentalist christian values (as he bombs women and children often using ordinance outlawed by Geneva convention)!
He talks about immediate aid, if needed in the event of a horrific hurricaine (then lags for days) and when it is all said and done he denys saying anything of the sort.
You see George Bush does actually talk. He talks quite a lot. Most of what comes out of his mouth is blatant lies. The rest is just...
"PURE WAR MONGERY" to aide, abet and line the pocketts of Cheney's (Mr. Haliburton) bank account!

Wednesday, April 12

Bush is a Blatant Liar !

Do You Honestly believe a word this man says?

We are at war!
Our economy is going down the tubes!
We are in the deepest debt we have ever been in !

Exxon reports the Highest profits ever, and the highest budget for federal lobbying!

And you believe this Liar ?

Nuke Iran because they want to produce civil nuclear energy ?

Nuke Iran because they want to produce civil nuclear energy ?
If you support this, you are a hypocrit !!!!

An email I received and the reply I made ! wrote:

> Dear friends and family,
> Please help and Let us help each other, make a difference. I know it sounds corny but read on...
> The Iraq thing is terrible, horrible, but now nuking Iran ! Its throwing me overboard! I was losing hope and faith and then, I had a revelation, start doing something. This the start of my something.
> I got so depressed when I heard this. I am so adamant about spreading the word to write Congress, please, , click on the link below, (or paste it in you browser) and sign the petition. I feel compelled to do something, its just gotten so out of control. We gott'a start screaming our heads off. I am going to really go bananas and organize. It's going to be my new art form. One individual can make a difference, one at a time, we can do it. Step by step.....
> You may have seen reports in the news that the Bush administration may be planning a nuclear attack against Iran. This is alarming. A strong statement of opposition from the American public before that idea becomes credible is important. Please sign's petition against nuclear attack and then alert your friends, family and colleagues by asking them to sign the petition.
> Peace and Love to all,
> Thank you, Thank you very much, A concerned, scared Mother and American citizen !
> ________________________________________________________________________
Forget Iran--->
What about illegal domestic spying?
What about the Phosphor Bombing of women and children in Iraq (against Geneva convention) ?
What about Lying about 9/11 and the threat of WMD
What about the budget deficit?
what about the trade deficit?
What about illegal detention of prisoners with no due process of law?

It is time to go to war !!!!!!!!
It is time to take our country back from these few maniacal war mongering profiteers.
It is time to Impeach this Moron we have for a president.
It is time to stop being sheep, and saying well as long as it is not in "my back yard" or effect me !
Because it is not in your back yard .. it is IN YOUR FACE !

Time is now, for action if our leaders are not going to stop this maniacal madness that is profiting Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. It is destroying our civil liberties, ruining our rights and reputation as Citizens of the global community !

Thank you for getting Angry
Thank You for your concern ..... The time to act is NOW
Because action should have been taken years ago when the illegal "recount" of votes happened in Florida "the state where Bush's brother is/ was Governor" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 9

The war in Iraq, can it have a "gray zone?"

If you are ambivalent of your leaders taking your nation into a war , then do you not support that war ?
Is there a gray zone for the citizens of America to hide within ?
Babies are dying in huge numbers in Iraq, relative to the number of "accused (untried) terrorists !
Our "commander and chief" says we are at war !
He says I don't care about the God damned Constitution (of the United States) it is just a piece of paper.

In my personal opinion, you are a fool if you don't realize:
1. We (the United States Military industrial complex/War machine) is generating 100 fold more terrorists today than we are ridding the world of.

2. George Bush (from a lineage of war mongers) just see's Iraq as another business to found and fold, so he can walk with a lion's share of currency.

3. George Bush (et. al) is willfully, knowingly running an illegal (by Geneva convention) war, so that there will be a shift from veritable terrorist fiction, to a true threat so that future wars (or the prolonged perpetuation for the present one) will be (some how) justified. More over, easily rationalized too the Blind (brain washed) Americans.

If you support this war and believe we are doing the right thing etc...

--->Are you willing to see your children with holes in their heads and burned flesh all over their bodies ?
Do you have a loved one over there fighting? If so, for what ? To what ends?
Do you feel your county, state or even Nation at large in under serious terrorist threat ?
Why are we at war ? What is the objective ? What is the "game plan". where does it end?

Who wins, who looses ?
Who wins what ?
Who looses what ?

Just repeat this phrase three times before you answer these questions above^

Halliburton uncontested bids,
oil companies and defense contractors.

Halliburton, uncontested bids,
oil companies and defense contractors.

Halliburton, uncontested bids,
oil companies and defense contractors.

Ok now with a clear conscience, go drive you "hummer" to the mall a short walk down the road !

Tuesday, April 4

What more in the name of love?

"Early Morning April 4th
A shot rings out in the Memphis sky.
Free at last, they took your life...
They can not take your pride!

In the name of love,
what more in the name of love?
In the name of love,
what more in the name of love?"

Even though I was not quite 8 years old when I heard the news...
In my heart, I knew the world had suffered a terrible loss !

Almost 40 years later, the impact of that loss is still growing in meaning for me!

Dear Mr. King:
I as well "have a dream."
I dream that one day, your dream will be fully realised by all.

Tuesday, March 28

It's "irresponsible to question Christian Fundamentalism, and unpatriotic to believe in "freedom of religeon"!

Earlier, the former House majority leader told activists he agreed with their premise that there is a "war on Christianity."

As 'ole G'dubyah says
We are at war,
We are at war,
We are at war!

A war on communism
A war on drugs
A war on terrorim
A war on the American civil rights/liberties!

"Our faith has always been in direct conflict with the values of the world," DeLay said.

Shouldn't that tell you something ?
Next they (the Fundamentalist Christians) will be telling us that Ghandi and the Dalai Lama are...
part of the "axis of evil" !

watch out when you point a finger, there are three pointing back at you!

Aint business like, no "bidness"

The documents, which cover the period from January 2004 to July 2005, painted "an absolutely abysmal picture of Halliburton's RIO2 work" and cited profound systemic problems, misleading and distorted cost reports, he said.
Halliburton, a Texas-based company formerly run by Vice President
Dick Cheney
. - previously the secretary of defence under Bush sr. when they over ran Panama and bombed Iraq in the "Desert storm" war.
Aint war a "pork barrel ?" -

Cheney dismissed the committee report as partisan...
(damn bleeding heart, liberal, Democrats he wa saying politely)
and said it focused on old issues with the two-year contract that have been resolved.

"After two years and from thousands of miles away, it is easy to criticize decisions and actions that were based on urgent mission requirements and severe time constraints," the company said in a statement.

"Time constraints" ? I thought his buddies Rumsfeld and G'dubyah said we'd be in Iraq for at least a decade !

Geez, why didn't Cheney just demand that to challenge the rip offs of tax payer money as "unpatriotic" and "down right irresponsible?"

Monday, March 20

George HW Bush Aircraft Carrier

I say we name all weapons after G'dubyah, be they of "mass destruction", smaller phosphor bomb ordinace or even just "non smoking guns". Let the generations to come never forget what kind of man this is!

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